Despite the fact that everyone seems to believe that ADV is completely back on its feet, color me skeptical.

Recently I pre-ordered a copy of the first volume Shattered Angels, the ADV release of Kyoshirou to Sora no Towa, from I was happily awaiting its arrival in my mailbox this week… only to be informed by Amazon that they had yet to receive copies of the DVD. This had happened to me before with Amazon, so I went off on the intertubes to try to dig up a decently priced copy of it somewhere (I was a little peeved because the pre-order price was $7 cheaper than buying it after its release date). However, as it turned out, Amazon was not the only online retailer which lacked copies (RightStuf, Barnes and Noble, Best Buy, and CD Universe all listed it as either out of stock or on order from the manufacturer).

Since I’d read a bunch of stuff a little while ago that ADV was completely back on its feet and all that jazz, I began to wonder a little if this was a bit premature. A few days and a more poking around later, I’ve come to be convinced that they are not as healthy as we would like to believe. While the delay of one DVD isn’t terribly rare in the industry, I found that this wasn’t the only DVD that was hit by an unexpected delay in ADV’s catalogue. Moonlight Mile Vol. 3 is also apparently missing from the stock of major retailers, along with the double-pack re-release of Parasite Dolls and AD Police (although in this case I seriously doubt anyone is upset). All three of these were given a street date of May 20th – today is the 23rd.

Anyway, I’m not trying to get people to pull out the funeral robes or anything, I just think its worth being a bit more cautious about the whole thing. I hardly think that ADV is near death or something of that sort – I’d be absolutely shocked if they pulled a Geneon on us. Just thought I’d point the thing out to people, though.

Ok, I admit it – I’m pissed ’cause Shattered Angels isn’t here yet… dammit, where else am I supposed to find quality crap anime around here?!

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