Five of the Most Obscure Traps Ever

Quick! Who’s the trap?

I was looking at Day’s earlier post about reverse traps, and it made me start thinking about how many traps I could think of. But coming up with the ones everyone knows is pretty boring, so I thought I’d come up with a list of 5 of the most obscure traps I could think of. I did the results in alphabetical order, because I couldn’t decide which trap was more obscure than the other.

Our first guy is the trap in the first picture, Ajiadou Yuuki. Yuuki appears in the light novel series Clamp School Paranormal Investigators. Yuuki is always shown wearing women’s clothing, even during a visit to a water park (he wears a tankini). He dreams of becoming a model after high school and frequently primps in front of mirrors. He’s very proud of his femininity. Although he dresses as a woman, he is not gay, and develops a crush on a female student who is a swimming star at one point during the series.

We come to our second lady… err… man, Buzam A. Calessa. Buzam is from the Gonzo series Vandread and Vandread Second Stage, and everyone believe him to be a her until halfway through the second season. Buzam is the sub-commander of the ship Nirvana, an entirely female run space ship (OR SO THEY THINK). In the Vandread universe, humans have long been divided by sex, and most forget that they ever lived together to begin with. Buzam is actually Tenmei Uragasumi, the intelligence commander for the males, and therefore a spy. Buzam decides to remain as a female, though, after the discovery of his betrayal and following forgiveness by the female commander.

Kisaragi Shun is a trap in the loosest sense of the word. Shun passes himself off as a girl pretending to be a guy to his new room-mate, Kazuya, as a joke at the beginning of Here is Greenwood. Shun is, in truth, a guy who was raised in a feminine manner because his family owns an inn (EDIT, Day: In Japan it is customary for inns to be passed in matrilineal fashion). Although Shun lives as a guy, he has many feminine behaviors as a result of his upbringing, and is mistaken for being a girl by people when off the school campus.

Suzaho Mikio (his real name is Miki) only appears in one episode of Jigoku Shoujo Futakomori, but his whole story is pretty absurd, so I couldn’t skip him. Miki is a male model, but he goes into trap mode to steal his sister’s boyfriends. Why? Well, he isn’t gay, which is what his sister first suspects, but he actually has the hots for his sister. Oops. When confronted by his sister, he comes on to her, and she sends him to hell. Trap and siscon? Sounds like it was made for my traffic increasing scheme.

Our final obscure trap is Tanami Ryuu(zo) (the one with the pink hair) from the equally obscure St. Luminous Mission High School. Ryuuzo might be the most half-assed trap ever – he throws on the wig and the girls uniform, but he doesn’t even change his voice. Ryuuzo goes trap in order to follow his friend, Kaihei, to St. Luminous after Kaihei is told that his grandpa left him as president of the place. A girl at the school, Ryoko, gets a crush on Ryuu, and freaks out a bit over the fact that she now thinks she’s a lesbian… then she vanishes into thin air, because thats what happens in this show when people get stressed out. Anyway, Ryuu goes back to being Ryuuzo when the summertime comes and the series ends, and Ryoko re-appears and re-meets Ryyuzo.

While Miki might be the most absurd of the bunch, Ryuu is my favorite trap of these five guys. His trap routine is just so half-assed that it is shocking that no one figures out his secret, and it ends up coming off pretty humorously.

If you wanna recommend some other obscure traps, feel free to leave their names in the comment box.

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6 Responses to Five of the Most Obscure Traps Ever

  1. kuriousity says:

    I just recently reread my CLAMP School Paranormal Investigator light novels so it’s neat seeing Ajiadou Yuuki brought up! He/she’s obscure for sure, and ‘definately’ a trap. Good list ^^

  2. Nagato says:

    Wow, these are obscure. I only knew of the one from Vandread ^^;

  3. issa-sa says:

    I got 3! I can’t believe I’m not the only one who’s watched that weird fest that was St Luminous High School XD

  4. blissmo says:

    I love trapz. LOL

  5. myu says:

    Which episode is Miki centered? You made me interested of him…

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