Semi-Regular Link List

This week’s link list includes a tour of Toei and an article which would have us believe that more people look for anime than hentai/porn online (guess they haven’t been counting this computer’s eroge searches, huh?).

Princes, Princesses, and Revolution: Gender Roles in Revolutionary Girl Utena is the first link we are featuring this week, and is a feminist analysis of one of the most allegorical anime ever made. The author is Professor Kristen McCauliff of the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech), and should be of interest to anyone who has ever watched Utena or any anime fan with an interest in feminism.

Next up we have Anime News Network’s exclusive Inside Toei Animation (Part 1) , the first part of a tour of Toei Animation’s production facilities. Look for further installments of this intriguing tour in the near future!

Curiously enough, while we fret endlessly over the sheer amount of porn searches which lead to our blogs, Is Anime Better Than Sex? makes the claim that more of us just want our damn anime.

Finally, this week we spotlight Yukan Blog!, another anime blog in our ever-expanding sphere. Go for the funny screenshot captions, stay for the suicidal bunnies.

As for an update on the blog writers ourselves, Depth is currently slogging through Kagihime Monogatari – Eikyuu Alice Rondo, perhaps better known as Eternal Alice Rondo, the title that the manga is marketed under in this country. The optimistic view is that Depth is doing this so you don’t have to suffer through it; the more realistic view is that Depth is doing this because of an inherent masochistic streak. Meanwhile, Day is still pissing and moaning to anyone or any thing who will listen about the fact that Shattered Angels vol. 1 is still not present in her life.

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4 Responses to Semi-Regular Link List

  1. Baka-Raptor says:

    Finally, another manly, dinosaur-themed anime blog pops up. I don’t know why there aren’t more of us.

  2. blissmo says:


  3. Hynavian says:

    I love the “dinosaur-like” name of this blog. ROAR!!!

  4. Porno Spark says:

    well it depends upon the anime.If anime like naruto shippuden ,etc then it may be that traffic on anime will be more or can be on porn also.

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