Kagihime Monogatari – Eikyuu Alice Rondo

Or as I’ll always call it: Kagihime Monogatari – Eternal Fetish Rondo.

Although you probably could’ve guessed without me telling you that this was one big fetish-fest from the picture above.

I watched Kagihime over a period of two days or so, accompanied by Day for part of it. It went like this:

Windows Media Player opens up, and the show begins as Day and I watch

on-screen: fetish! fetish fetish, fetishy fetish!

watching… watching… suffering…

Girl on screen: blah blah, my name is Arisugawa Arisu desu~!

Day: Arisugawa? Awesome, I love that surname! *pokes Depth* Hey, its just like Juri in Utena! Except Juri is cooler…

Me: *mumbles*

back to watching too many oddly-shaped boobs… girls fighting… more fetishness…

Day: Holy shit, was that a reverse trap?!

scene with reverse trap occurs

Day: Hey, wait, did they ever give her name? Wait, we have to go back! They must’ve given her name!

rewind… no, the reverse trap never is given a name…

Day: Hold on, I gotta go look this up!

Day runs off; the episodes still roll, and I slowly feel my soul dying

Kagihime has a decent premise. The idea is that Lewis Carol wrote a third book involving Alice after writing Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, and that the pages to that book are found locked in girls who participate in the Alice Game. These girls transform and fight eachother, then forcibly remove a book from the heart of the loser and tear out the pages that are part of the third Alice story. Too bad this gets wasted on such a crappy anime.

As for the story itself beyond the plot, our main guy, Aruto, loves Alice in Wonderland, etc. and somehow gets involved because of it. Also, it turns out that he has the power to get into the sealed off battle zones where Alice fights take place, and no other guy has ever been able to! And while the Alice Users (the fighting girls) usually rip the pages out of a book found in every other user to compile the third Alice book, he can write them down – I know, he’s totally amazing, isn’t he?

So Aruto gets involved with the Alice Game, which is how he meets Arisugawa Arisu, who in Alice User form is dressed like a maid and has bunny ears, and who always has gigantic boobs. Aruto takes a fancy to her, which pisses off his little sister. Little sister has a big brother complex, and is a loli. She’s involved with the Alice Game, too, and when her annoying friend (who has a crush on her) gets irritated with Aruto, she, too, gets involved. Little sister is Kiraha, friend is Kisa; Kiraha has bunny ears when she transforms, and Kisa has huge boobs that are more obvious when she’s transformed. So we’ve got a few fetishes already covered in the first two episodes alone (bunny ears, maids, brocon, yuri, big boobs).

Another thing to add on to the fetish stuff is the fact that, in order to get the book out of Alice Users, the other Alice User has to jam her fighting weapon (usually a staff of some kind) into the other girl’s chest. The Alice User getting speared usually starts breathing kind of hard and making moany/whimpery noises, and starts to blush. And sometimes the Alice User who is doing the damage will turn the staff or whatever back and forth, causing more sex-like behavior by the unfortunate one being pierced. But I’m sure that that wasn’t done on purpose!

Kagihime is a mess. Plot holes let the breeze in, and things are poorly explained. Arisu, Aruto, Kiraha, and Kisa, along with some other big-boobed walking fetish (she turns into a loli when she transforms for god knows what reason), start to work together to get all the pages for the final Alice book, conveniently named the ‘Endless Alice’… which seems to suggest that they’re never gonna find it all and we’ll have to sit through this crap forever. But they do, although evil decides to harass them quite a bit beforehand.

The only upside to any of this is that the animation is decent, even if only so we get smacked in the face by boobs every three seconds – and its not that I have a problem with boobs, exactly, just that I think they’re a bad replacement for character development and plot. Not that I was expecting anything other than that from this.

And the voice-acting is pretty good – somehow they managed to rope some veterans into this trash heap, including guys like Tomokazu Seki and Takehito Koyasu, and ladies like Mamiko Noto and Shimizu Ai.

Basically, what I’m trying to tell you is don’t watch this. Its a pile of crap. I just suffered through this so you don’t have to. Go find something better to watch.

EDIT: Oh, yeah, and this was originally thought up by Kaishaku, who also brought you the crap Day reviewed yesterday, Kyoushiro to Towa no Sora, along with Kannazuki no Miko. Great track record.

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  1. Eh, sometimes reading about bad anime can be more amusing than reading about good anime. Another one on the Plan To Avoid list, I suppose.

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