3 More of the Most Obscure Traps Ever

Look everyone! More obscure traps!

First up is Nomura Yuuki, of the manga No Bra (LOL GET IT?). Yuuki moves in with his childhood friend, Katoaka Masato, to go to school in Tokyo. Although Masato is impressed by how cute Yuuki has become, what he doesn’t know is that Yuuki is, and always has been, a guy – guess the kid had been a trap since his youth. Masato finds out pretty quickly, though, when Yuuki’s mother calls him to thank him for letting Yuuki stay with him. Masato freaks. Yuuki, in addition to being a trap, is gay, and has a crush on Masato. And despite all of Masato’s protests, Yuuki refuses to dress like a boy.

Saito Ayumi hails from Shion no Ou, and he’s a trap mainly out of necessity as opposed to any real feelings that he should’ve been born female. In the world of Shion no Ou, it takes two years to qualify to play shogi in the male league, while the female league does not have this requirement. Ayumi’s mother is sick, the hospital bills are high, he’s good at shogi, so we see where this leads. When his secret is revealed, he stops dressing as a girl… too bad, he was kinda cute as a girl.

The final trap today is Nikotama Sara, from Ai no Shintairiku. Sara’s real name is Souhei. When he transfers to a new school after his family moves, he decides that its his chance to live as a girl. So he orders the girl’s uniform, buys make-up, and begins speaking in the third-person (he thinks it sounds more girlish and cute). Although some of the other students give Sara a hard time when they realize the truth, most people don’t cause a ruckus over it, and Sara gains some really close friends. And, in the end, Sara gets the guy, in this case Naruse Kaito, who finds himself confused about his feelings for Sara at first, but decides he doesn’t care if Sara is actually a guy. Sara is easily my favorite trap ever.

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  1. Fang-tan says:

    I’ve honestly never heard of those three. Oh, how I love traps~
    But sometimes it is hard to consider who is a trap and who isn’t.
    Like Yayoi from Kure-nai~

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