Favorite Anime OP, Part One

No, the second Death Note OP is not one of them, although that did make me laugh so hard I choked…

After holding my copy of the first Outlaw Star DVD set in my hands and hearing the OP music queue up immediately in my head, it occurred to me that it is one of my favorite OP’s ever. Which made me stop and wonder what other OP’s I consider to be my favorites… which, in turn, led to this unwieldy list I then saw fit to put on here. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to narrow down my list further than about twenty different OP’s, but no matter, you have the choice to read it or not, and I’ve split it up.

I encourage you to check out the different OP’s… I haven’t embedded them, though, because not all the videos I was able to locate online were on YouTube. Please note that these are in alphabetical order.

Air Movie OP

While the Air movie and the Air TV series share the same opening song, the accompanying animation is quite different for the two. I personally prefer the movie OP, as I feel it gets across the mood better and manages to show us how alone Misuzu really is. I also get a better sense of the season from the movie OP, although the summer glare does unfortunately wash out parts of the screen at some points. Tori no Uta is a good song, but paired with the TV OP it just seemed like a generic harem OP – here we can sense that the movie will not end happily ever after, that the tone of this song isn’t hopeful at all but instead wants us to know that life isn’t an easy thing, but one which we must endure.

The Air movie OP is one of my favorite OP’s because I really do like the song, and I like how the OP effectively sets the feeling for the remainder of the movie. (I did prefer the TV series overall to the movie, though.)

Battle Athletes Victory OP

Tsubasa, the OP for BAV, has an extremely different feel from Tori no Uta – the music is peppy, the animation is upbeat, and it makes you feel like going outside and running around. I used to listen to Tsubasa on my CD player at competitions I was participating in right before my race, because it got me all pumped up.

I really like Tsubasa because the song is good even without the animation – you get the same feel from it as you do with the accompanying animation. Also, the OP makes you feel as though Akari (the protagonist) can beat anything that’s thrown at her, and that, in the end, the characters are just normal young women who want to stick by their friends and have fun (granted, usually their fun comes through competing amongst one another). I probably made it sound cheesey, but just go watch it yourself and you’ll see what I mean.

Bleach OP 1

If it had not been for *~Asterisk, I wouldn’t have ever sat down and watched Bleach in the first place. But *~Asterisk is a fun song, and when I heard it playing while the anime club at my former high school settled in to watch an episode of Bleach, I actually sat down and decided to watch with them – after all, if the OP was so cool, shouldn’t the show be too?

And that really says it all about Bleach’s first OP – its cool, from the music to the brightly colored and stylish animation.

Bleach OP 3

I hesitated to put two OP’s from the same series on here, but Bleach’s third OP, Ichirin no Hana, is really one of my favorites. If the first Bleach OP was cool and overall had very little to do with the content of the show, Ichirin no Hana is much darker and hints at the obstacles our heroes are facing at the time. Its tone suits that arc of the storyline very well. My favorite part comes at the very end of the OP, where a multitude of hands suddenly break out of the sky and reach menacingly forward while Rukia and Ichigo walk with their backs to us, completely unaware.

I like Ichirin no Hana because I really like the song itself, as the lyrics are fairly serious and the tone is on the darker side. Further, the last ten seconds or so of the OP really give me a feeling of peril for the characters that have grown dear to me, the feeling that the stakes are higher than even they realize.

Darker than Black OP 2

Kakusei Herosim~The Hero Without a Name~ fits Darker than Black well, with its fast-paced beat. The animation itself also does a good job of giving a feeling of being trapped, with shots of the sky obscured by skyscrapers and an image of our protagonist getting caught up in a web of wires. While he does escape, one gets the feeling from this OP that it is not a permanent escape and that things will be catching up with him sooner or later.

I enjoy this OP so much because, like all of the OP’s I enjoy, I really, really like the song. One of the things that moves it into the favorites category for me, though, is how effectively it shows Hei’s (he’s the main guy) growing uncertainty, as he fights multiple copies of himself. Further, I am a sucker for shots of people riding on trains with the view zipping by in the background.

Well, that’s it for now. I tried to find the best copies I could of the various OP’s, although I have to say the Air one isn’t so hot.

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4 Responses to Favorite Anime OP, Part One

  1. lelangir says:

    Elfen Lied’s will always be mine, hands down, forever, uncontested. For the most part I don’t care about the animation and I tend to focus on the music (exceptions are Ef, Kaiba and such…) but you posted some OP songs I enjoy – the first Bleach one is quite nice I think. But my favorite Bleach OP is the …nth one? I forget but the song is called “Dtechnolife” or something.

  2. animemiz49 says:

    I like the songs from Bleach as well! I have to agree with you on saying that the OP and plot got me to watch the series as well.

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