Tokyopop and OEL

Its safe to say that most of us thought that OEL comics were gonna be on the chopping block for Tokyopop. WRONG.

According to this some series called ‘My Cat Loki’ will be discontinued, and another called ‘Steady Beat’ will only get a web-release for it’s third volume – and, lucky creator, Tokyopop might transfer the rights back to the original creator, but only for the third volume.

Look, I think the OEL crap was a bad idea overall. There are a few decent titles, but they put way too much money into the whole thing. Also, in the process they pissed off a lot of their core audience who just wanted manga, not some Japanized American comic stuff. It was a bad business move. But the way Tokyopop treated its artists and writers for these series has been crappy. This junk about only giving back partial rights or none at all sucks – they’re getting to hold onto the rights and sit on them, doing nothing about it, while the creators scramble to figure something else out to try to keep their heads above the water. It really sucks.

You know what else sucks? The way they laid off their employees. Tossing them out like used garbage, not letting them back in to grab stuff they forgot at their desks. Nice, glad you big corporate assholes gave the working folks some warning. I bet they’re all having a real fun time trying to figure out where their next month’s rent is coming from.

I hope Tokyopop goes out of business. That, or their current employees, upset over the loss of fellow workers, jump ship for another publisher. At this point, I don’t even care about my incomplete titles – I’m never buying another T-pop release again. Get stuffed, bitches.

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