More From Tokyopop

Gakuen Alice = yes.

Yeah, that is actually the extent of this post. There’s more stuff about Tokyopop developments if you follow that link to MangaBlog, though.

EDIT: Ugh, bear with me, I’m having tech issues…

EDIT 2: Ok, things are working again.

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  1. Marmot says:

    (psst, add quotes around the url in the link and change the less/greater signs from character entities–e.x. &lt– to the actual symbols, if you can; WordPress is kinda funny, so you can’t enter HTML in visual mode or whatever. Hope that helps. ;__; )

  2. adaywithoutme says:

    @ Marmot – Yeah, we keep trying to do that, but WordPress isn’t and hasn’t been agreeing with us for some reason… but thanks anyway

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