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Holy hell, now they’ve gone and made it so I can’t be as mad at them.

Maybe you can remember that I was mad as hell in the last Tokyopop post. Unfortunately they’ve done good and have decided to give the rights back to creators for their works if they’re getting discontinued. Now I can’t rant as much, even if I’m still a bit mad about how they treated the people they laid off.

The following titles might be cancelled… or they might just be delayed. All that’s known is that they’ve told distributors that they won’t be getting them in July (in one case June).

  • Atelier Marie And Elie -Zarlburg Alchemist
  • Blazin’ Barrels
  • Blood Sucker
  • Dragon Voice
  • Forget About Love
  • Gakuen Heaven-Nakajima
  • Gosick (Novel)
  • I Wish…
  • Kat & Mouse
  • Lagoon Engine
  • Liling-Po
  • Love Mode
  • Missing (Novel)
  • Mobile Suit Gundam Ecole Du Ciel
  • Nosatsu Junkie
  • Pick Of The Litter
  • Planet Blood
  • Poison Candy
  • Rure
  • Saver
  • Shin Megami Tensei (Kahn)
  • Snow
  • Sorcerer Hunters — 100% Authentic Format
  • Suppli
  • That Guy Was Splendid
  • Trinity Blood – Reborn On The Mars
  • Zig*Zag

Some of these are a bit suprising, as they’re already pretty far into their runs (Love Mode has 10 published volumes, for instance, and a few others have 8 or 9 out already). The only one that bothers me at all is the Gosick novel ’cause I’ve been wanting to grab the first one, but now I’m not so sure, ’cause its the only one on there that has definitely been cancelled.

Oh, and for the record, Day just walked across the room, looked at her bookshelf and said, “Oh, fuck.” She just realized that the Tokyopop problems are probably going to mean no more Twelve Kingdoms light novels in America.

Which does bring up a good question. Although most of the light novels have been automatically axed, no one has mentioned the Twelve Kingdoms series. Supposedly its been selling fairly well, especially for a light novel, so maybe it’ll survive. It would probably be better for my health if it did.

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