Favorite Anime OP, Part Three

Wow, so I’m finally getting around to continuing this. Five more of my favorite anime OP’s after the jump. Kami-chama Karin OP The Kami-chama Karin TV series was an absolute trainwreck. But part of the reason I watched as much of it as I did was the OP, the deliciously dark Ankoku Tengoku, sung by the well-known Ali Project. This OP made me think that there was, perhaps, a chance that the show would take a much darker turn. Which it never did. But I digress. This is one of my favorite OP’s due to the fact that the song itself is good, and that the animation goes so hand-in-hand with the song. People once frozen spring out of vines and greenery, unclear spirits fight in the air, backgrounds shatter, and partially burnt photographs round it all out. You could easily be forgiven for believing that this is a delightfully dark twist on the mahou shoujo genre. Last Exile OP Cloud Age Symphony alone is a great song. Combined with the OP animation, it pulls the viewer right in. While Last Exile is an anime I’ve liked but not loved, the OP song ended up on my playlist within two episodes. The animation gives a sweeping feel, with grand shots of the sky and massive battle air ships, things exploding and people shouting orders. The only criticism I have is that some of the OP animation is recycled animation from the first episode. This is honestly too bad, although most of it admittedly fits very well with the overall feel of the OP. But even this isn’t enough to bring the OP out of my favorites’ list, because the music and the animation are top-notch. Maze~The Megaburst of Space~ OP How could anyone not love this OP? Ok, so the animation is a bit old, and wasn’t even really that great when it first aired. But that’s part of the allure – its this very throw-back kind of OP. The animation is so thoroughly 90’s era, and the music (Kokuu Meikyuu, by Seikama II), with its arena rock-esque soaring guitars, is enough to make one feel giddy and nostalgic. We also get gems of lyrics such as “DIE! HARD! LIFE! Beam up!” In all honesty, the Maze OP isn’t really all the great – in fact, its fairly typical of its era. But it’s a lot of fun, and, really, how could I hate those silly electric guitars? Outlaw Star OP The 90’s love continues. Like the Maze OP, this OP is wonderfully 90’s, and a lot of fun for it. We have more electric guitar action in the song, Through the Night (Masahiko Aramachi), and more aged and a bit sub-par animation (although the quality varies throughout the OP animation, with some shots being well-done, and others being completely rocky). However, Outlaw Star does better on the animation itself than Maze does, in that its more interesting overall. I particularly like the opening flashes of light that are timed to the music, and the black-and-white shots of the different members of the main cast. I really love this OP. I’m also willing to bet that a bunch of people aren’t going to agree because the animation is so aged, and the 90’s J-rock isn’t for everyone. But, like the show itself, it’s a really fun ride. And you know what? I think I’m in love with 90’s era J-rock. Princess Tutu OP Morning Grace (Ritsuko Okazaki) is a definite departure on this list. But it’s classical music feel matches Princess Tutu perfectly, as does the pleasant accompanying animation. The whole thing gives a fairy tale aura to the proceedings, which is exactly what Princess Tutu is at heart. While the OP’s pleasantries might be a bit deceptive in nature, it still fits perfectly. My favorite part of the animation is right at the beginning as drops fall on the surface of water, and then gather again, go up into the sky, and explode into fireworks. This sounds a lot more bombastic than it actually is, though. I also like how the song segways into the music from Swan Lake right at the end, as Princess Tutu herself dances. It’s a very nice touch.

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  1. I’m definitely with you on Last Exile. It’s a great example of an OP which epitomises the show. As soon as I saw you’d mentioned it, I recalled that shot of the Silvana flying through a sea of flames; that’s what I call memorable.


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