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Today, a Potemayo series (srs?) review…

Potemayo is the story of a weird creature that suddenly appears in the fridge of Sunao (I dunno, maybe he left baloney in there too long), an elementary school student. Potemayo is best described as a “moe blob” in the truest sense… she is both moe and, really, a blob. But, Sunao doesn’t seem to find moe as crazy attractive as the legions of otaku and anime fans out there, so he just names her after his breakfast.

You can’t really describe the plot of Potemayo, because, like so many other 4-koma-based shows, it doesn’t have one. Unless you want to count Potemayo’s possessiveness of Sunao and her bed-wetting problem as plot.

Potemayo is vaguely slice-of-life, but much closer to comedy than most of those shows. This is the only reason I can stand it, because things like Aria and Sketchbook~Full Colors~ make me run away. The show does get a little more sentimental and deeper towards the end when we get some back history on Sunao and his deceased mother. But the show suprisingly manages to balance it right with the comedy, and the result actually works. This to me is rare, since most shows either kill the drama with too much comedy or kill the comedy with too much drama.

The funniest thing to me about Potemayo is that its really unexpected in a way. The art looks like its aimed at 4th graders, but the gags and the characters seem much more for an older crowd. We have a girl who’s into dominating her cheerleader guyfriend, the cheerleader guyfriend has a weird crush on Potemayo, the heavy guy makes comments about Brokeback Mountain being about “manly friendship” (and takes pictures of his panty-flashing male cheerleader friend), Potemayo is constantly pissing everywhere, and the stalker-type weirdo girl who is obssessed with Sunao is always having bizarro fantasies about him. Oh, yeah, and thats not even mentioning the stalker-girl’s older brother, who is definitely a siscon. My favorite joke, though, refers to Haruka and Michiru of Sailor Moon fame. But the urine jokes are good too.

Really, Potemayo is kinda weird. Its very funny, but its also weird. I heartily recommend it to anyone with a pulse.

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