ADV Distribution Troubles

Oh, you bane of my existence.

Day is bitching about the fact that Shattered Angels Vol. 2 is still not in stock at Amazon, which means I’m suffering right now.

ADV seems to be having distribution problems with its single releases. Red Garden Vol. 5 and Shattered Angels Vol. 2, both of which were released last Tuesday, are not available from several retailers, including Amazon, Borders, Best Buy, CD Universe, and Barnes & Noble. Also unavailable are today’s releases of Kanon Vol. 6 and the double-pack Cosplay Complex/My Dear Marie. However, the Red Garden, Shattered Angels, and Cosplay Complex/My Dear Marie releases do appear to be in stock at Right Stuf, if nowhere else.

Boxsets do not appear to be affected for whatever reason. So, if you’re looking for the latest releases of Maburaho, Papuwa, and Blue Seed (all collections), you don’t have to worry. But I’m not convinced that anyone is looking for any of these, because Blue Seed has already been released in collection form three times (also, the singles were released both as VHS and DVD’s), Maburaho has been released twice, and no one watched Papuwa.

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