The Cosplay Quest/Am I Moe?

I could totally do that.

So, I’ve really gotten into this planning for cosplay thing. I’m getting excited even though Anime Boston is still ten months away. I’ve already told people (a.k.a. my mom) that what I want for Christmas is the whole-event pass for that con. I cannot believe how much of a total dork I’ve become.

Anyway, some of you lovelies have made cosplay suggestions.

Maka is someone a few of you (Baka-Raptor, blissmo) think would go well. I would have to agree, although I have to admit I’m not sure I would really want to. I like Maka, and I do think it’s a great suggestion, but while it remains on my list, it is a bit far down it.

Fate from Lyrical Nanoha was also suggested (Yamcha), but I’ve never seen Lyrical Nanoha, and she’s a bit too loli for me >_<; Sorry.

Unfortunately, I think Kaere is too much of a reach for me in the end =( Her hair is waaay too long, and I think I’d need to be a bit taller to pull it off. Also, panty-flashing the con the whole time doesn’t really appeal too much to me (a bit odd, since I did consider briefly going as one of the Battle Athletes Victory girls, and they’re not very fond of pants).

Honestly, I’ll probably go as Ayu. We have the same body-type, and I can ‘uguu~’ fairly convincingly.

But, as I was thinking, I had a brainstorm – I could go as ten-year old Ayu!

What disturbs me is that I think I could probably pull it off… even though she is ten-years old and I’ll be twenty by then.

Which kind of made me wonder – am I moe myself?

The idea that i would be is, honestly, a bit horrifying. After a bit of thought, I’ve decided that I’m probably more loli than moe, although I do have some moe traits. I’m kind of mortified for myself that I’m even typing this, but somehow, I can’t stop.

Moe Score:

  • trademark utterance (in my case, sounds sort of like ‘uhlll~’)
  • obsession with a certain item (rubber duckies, alarm clocks)
  • look younger than I am
  • go brain-dead over cute things
  • possess some quirky speech traits (my Japanese prof is going to kill me some day for insisting on using the personal pronoun 我 [‘ware’], and I have been known to refer to myself in the third person)
  • possess some just flat-out quirky traits

But, in the end, I think I’d just qualify as loli since I swear my brains out, am fairly combative in nature, and shoot stuff for a living. I don’t picture moe as greeting people cheerfully with, “Hey, bitches! How the fuck was your day?” (no, Mari-tan doesn’t count – she’s a severe exception to the rule). And my dreams include starting a bar fight and becoming a kicker for my school’s football team. Additionally, that I don’t possess some terminal illness or cry cutely around guys seems to flunk me immediately out of Moe 101. So I’ll settle for being described as ‘loli’ – if I appeared in manga or anime with my friends, I would be the token loli.

I’m trying to figure out why I went into all that. I’ll blame it on food deprivation (uhll~, no one’s back from the grocery store yet, even though it’s past midnight!).

Anyway, I think I can do a convincing ten-year old Ayu. However, if I can manage to pull together a totally kick-ass Kamina outfit, I’ll go as him.

That would be so bad-ass, wouldn’t it? Me as Kamina I mean. My boobies would probably hurt at the end of the day, but I don’t care, it’d be waaaay cool.

Although I also have Yumi in mind. But only if I get to kiss Sei like she did. Wait, what?

Actually, I’d probably be a better Sei, since she’s lewd like me. And she jokingly hits on others, which I’ve also been known to have a habit of doing.

So, the list:

  • 10-year old Ayu
  • regular Ayu
  • comatose Ayu
  • Kamina!
  • Yumi
  • Sei
  • Maka

Ok, I’m done with my banal cosplay post now. Does describing myself as a loli increase traffic? Only WordPress’ll know. Time to go hunt down a squirel or something to eat before I pass out.

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10 Responses to The Cosplay Quest/Am I Moe?

  1. Baka-Raptor says:

    Kaere’s costume looks like it’d be the easiest, though the pantyshot requests would get annoying.

    If you’re self-described loli, Kamina is out of the question.

    The Marimite girls would go well as a group. You can expect some Soul Eater groups there, so you’ll have competition if you’re Maka. If you’re cosplaying alone, you’re best off with Ayu.

    Regular Ayu seems more recognizable than little Ayu. I can think of several half-assed ways to make the wings on the backpack. Since you’re a girl, I’ll stereotypically assume you have boots and a hairband (or least you know who/where to get them from). I can’t give you advice for the jacket since I know absolutely nothing about clothes, but if you start planning now, you’ll easily be ready by next Spring. That’s about the same time frame I have to make my Maid Guy costume.

  2. blissmo says:


  3. adaywithoutme says:

    @ Baka-Raptor – NOOO I wanted to be Kamina!

    In all seriousness, I probably won’t go as Maka precisely because there will probably be a few of her there anyway. I’d say Ayu tops the list at the moment, although I will admit to leaning towards ten-year old Ayu ’cause she’s so cuuuute. And some part of me is amused at the idea of trying to pass myself off as half my age.

    As for the boots… uh… the only boots I own are my combat boots and my new ACU boots ^^;

    But I’m starting in on some tentative plans for both Ayu’s, Kamina, and the Marimite girls. I’ll go as Yumi or Sei if I can talk someone into going as whoever I don’t go as. Since my only current companion to the con is male, this should be interesting.

    @ blissmo – I’m going to pretend you said nothing as I am still eaqgerly awaiting Bunny Channel’s next installment.

  4. issa-sa says:

    Can’t you go as Sei – with Yumi’ ponytails, Ayu’s wings, Kamin’as cape and Fate’s talking staff? The thrash talking would make you sound like Kaere I suppose.

  5. Yamcha says:

    10 year old Ayu isn’t distinguishing enough for cosplay because she looks so ordinary. Ayu’s trademarks are her wing backpack, yellow trenchcoat, black snow boots, and taiyaki. Maka is good. Distinct and simple.

    If loli Fate doesn’t do it for you, there’s always adult Fate. We could always use some Fate cosplay.

  6. adaywithoutme says:

    @ Yamcha – Uguu~, wearing a winter coat inside a con in late May sounds awful.

  7. I suspect moe is in the eye of the beholder (bemoeer?) and I’m sure there’re people out there who find cursing and bar-fighting moe. So really the question is ‘Who finds me moe? And do I really want to know?’

  8. TheBigN says:

    I agree with Yamcha on Fate. Adult Fate is the way to go, and she actually does exist (Nanoha StrikerS to be precise). And I also agree with IKnight. Moe is kinda too ambiguous to be properly defined, so what may seem like moe to you might be annoying to someone else, for example.

    I would kinda go for you as Maka, Sei or Yumi myself, but if that’s not your cup of tea, have fun with. Kamina is always awesome, of course. 😛

  9. blissmo says:


    why o why are you ignoring me?

  10. adaywithoutme says:

    @ blissmo – See my above comment in response to your comment on this post.

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