Resort Boin OVA

Boin is, apparently slang for big boobs. Shocking, huh?

Resort Boin is an OVA which consists of two episodes, each of which are thirty minutes long. And it was pretty good.

While some hentai shows make a cursory attempts at having a storyline, or even, god forbid, try to be serious, Resort Boin knows exactly what it is, and while there is a very, very vague plot, there is no time wasted on poor attempts at fleshing out the characters – they are what they are.

Daisuke is your usual ambiguougsly aged teenager who is wicked horny. And he’s on vacation. Of course, he runs into two, big-breasted classmates of his. And they want in his pants. So the first episode consists of them doing so, along with the introduction of Daisuke’s cousin, who conveniently refers to him as ‘onii-chan’, and his cousin’s friend. There’s also a really weird tentacle rape sequence involving a Venus fly-trap-type plant from which Momo, the cousin’s friend, then wakes up from, it apparently having been a hallucination or nightmare. At the end, Daisuke ends up with one of the classmates, Nao, and they proclaim their love for one another.

The second episode isn’t clearly related to the first, but is once again in a summer vacation setting. Daisuke gets it on in the opening scene here, in a bathroom with a big-breasted blonde named Kanae. Kanae then gets reprimanded by her surfer friend, Mika, who, in any other show, would’ve been the lesbian of the crowd. But Mika does Daisuke in a shower stall in thanks for him saving her from the tentacle-monster Venus fly-trap (so, no tentacle rape, thank god). Oh, and before he saves her, he and Kanae bang in the woods again, and his cousin, Maya, gets upset after coming upon them. Maya treats Daisuke coldly for a few days, before he invites her to go see fireworks… and, surprise, surprise, they have sex. But her boobs are small (read: normal-sized) so she’s a bit embarrassed. They declare their love for on another.

I was actually kind of surprised that Maya’s friend, Momo, did not have sex with Daisuke, and did not have a crush on Maya, since that character so often takes either of those routes. And while Maya, in many obvious ways, was being set up to have sex with Daisuke, at the same time it wasn’t entirely clear since she was the least sexualized of the females.

Anywya, like I said, this worked because it didn’t take itself seriously at all. The Daisuke and Nao (one of the classmates) sex scene was a bit laughable at points, although that was since the oral sex came off more like Nao was, I dunno, slurping down noodles. But the threesome in the first episode with Daisuke and his two classmates was epic – they covered a LOT of different positions in that (I’m pretty sure the only holes left unscathed were the ears and nostrils). All in all, the sex scenes were varied, and didn’t fail to entertain. The only weak scene came at the very end with Maya and Daisuke, which was perhaps about half a minute too long. And, outside of the weird hallucinated tentacle rape scene, it was all consensual.

The girls were fairly attractive for the most part. Nao and Kanae were so-so, but the remainder were pretty cute. Maya reminded me of a character from another show, although I’m not exactly sure who (I’m leaning towards Limone from Simoun). Momo was very cute.

I actually noticed the music, which is pretty surprising for a title of this nature. Gotta love sex scenes set to upbeat, tropical beach music, complete with steel drums!

Animation was fine, certainly nothing to write home about, but only because it was neither impressive nor awful.

I would recommend Resort Boin. It’s fun, there’s plenty of sex, and there’s a good deal of humor (not all intentional, but it’s still funny). Much better than the last thing I watched (Method of Coupling).

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9 Responses to Resort Boin OVA

  1. blissmo says:

    Daisuke should only belong to Daisuke of DN Angel

  2. Gilberto I.S. says:

    You will be surprised (well, maybe not) to know, but RESORT BOIN is a sequel to another 2-episodes H-OVA show produced by MS-PICTURES.COM, called BOIN.

    And they both are based on 2 ero-games created by CROSS-NET, the same company who did the very famous ero-games AYAKASHI and MAPLE COLORS.

    Funny enough, MAPLE COLOR became a H-OVA too, but AYAKASHI became a non-H action-focused 12-Episodes TV-Series produced in 2007 by Tokyo Kids.

    Ah, and by the way…. i can be wrong, but as far i know in the original RESORT BOIN H-Game there’s absolutely no tentacles!! :p Dunno why the H-OVA producers decided to add that… not enough H elements? 😀

  3. Yamcha says:

    Hmmm. Be careful not to get addicted to all this hentai now. =P

  4. adaywithoutme says:

    @ Gillberto I.S. – Yeah, I did know about the fact that this was a sequel, but I recall seeing nurses somehow involved in the original Boin, so I avoided it.

    @ Yamcha – Naw, don’t worry – I’m just killing time until the next subbed episode of Nabari no Ou comes out or my copy of Terra e… Collection One appears in my mailbox =P

  5. Baka-Raptor says:

    Just finished watching it. That plant was hilarious. Who makes this stuff up?

  6. adaywithoutme says:

    @ Baka-Raptor – Hell if I know, I wasn’t even sure what I was seeing the first time it happened since it was so freaking random.

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  8. Captain127 says:

    man then 1st ep she fell and had a dream she got rapeed and 2nd ep this other girl nearly gets raped by it? hmmm compeltely random…. though 1st ep was funny the first sex scene

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