Natsume Yuujin-chou Episode 4

Check me while I angst.

  • Natsume almost trips over a kappa that needs water, then gives it water while Sasada, the class rep, looks on – but she only sees him as dumping water onto nothing
  • at school, Sasada insists that Natsume needs to attend the test of courage, even if he doesn’t want to
  • so he goes, Nyanko-sensei follows, and a classmate remarks about the cat making a weird noise
  • inside, as lots are drawn, Sasada tells Natsume about a legend about the school – that there was a god of youth that used to disguise himself as a child to play with the kids of the village since he loved humans, but who was kidnapped by a greedy merchant and held captive; the god of youth became bitter and brought misfortune and hated people as a result, so when a school was built on the spot where all that happened, it was unlucky
  • for some reason the lots are mismatched, and people get annoyed over it
  • Natsume is paired with Nisimura, on of the two guys who talks to him, who complains that they should’ve both been paired with girls
  • as they get upstairs, they encounter a youkai who initially appears to be another student – Nishimura freaks and they both fall down the stairs
  • when Natsume wake up, a youkai is leering in his face, and then makes a grab for him
  • but Sasada suddenly appears, so the youkai disappears, along with his classmate, Nishimura, and Sasada reveals that her own partner has disappeared
  • Sasada asks Natsume if he can see ‘them’, and what ‘they’ are if he can see ‘them’
  • Nyanko-sensei knocks her out, though, and states that he thought she was a youkai
  • in a classroom, Nyanko-sensei takes on human form, specifically, Reiko’s form, before Sasada wakes up
  • Sasada is confused about who ‘she’ is, and Natsume hurriedly says she’s from the dodgeball club; Nyanko-sensei goes off to try to find a way out of the sealed building
  • while they walk along, Sasada tells Natsume about having done a test of courage in the building when she was younger, but that she dropped something and went back to look for it
  • while looking, a youkai confronted her, but she didn’t realize what it was at first
  • the youkai asked why she was there, and when she said she’d dropped something, he told her to hurry up and find it, but yo leave right after
  • later on, the youkai returned the item, since he’d found it,and she thanked him, since it was from her mother
  • she also asked why he was using a stick to hold it, and the youkai said that he couldn’t touch it because he was impure, but vanished as Sasada asked what he meant
  • after that, Sasada went by every day calling for the youkai to thank him and tell him that he wasn’t impure, but he never appeared
  • this is why Sasada asked Natsume about it all, but Natsume says that he can’t see anything like that
  • in the front hall where everyone started, no one has returned
  • Nyanko-sensei (still as Reiko) grabs Natsume, scaring Sasada, and tells him that they should escape
  • Natsume says he can’t, he has to save his classmates, and Nyanko-sensei points out that he doesn’t like people anyway
  • but Natsume insists
  • Sasada finds them, and Nyanko-sensei tells Natsume where the Ayakashi is
  • Sasada tries to go to where the Ayakashi is, but the roof partially caves in, and Natsume runs off, telling Nyanko-sensei to protect her
  • on the roof, Natsume finds his unconscious clasmates, and the Ayakashi
  • the Ayakashi, Shigure, refuses to return the classmates, and points out that Natsume could use the Yujjin-chou to make him obey
  • Natsume says he’ll return his name, but Shigure says he doesn’t want it anyway and attacks Natsume
  • Nyanko-sensei, back in cat form, saves him, and he releases Shigure’s name
  • he sees Shigure in the past, when Sasada is coming to try and find him, and Shigure thinking about going out to meet her
  • but she says, in begging, that even just once is fine, so he doesn’t appear since he’s afraid that she’ll never come again
  • Sasada comes up to the roof as Shigure is disappearing, and he pats her on the head before he is completely gone
  • the next day, Sasada says something about the previous night to Natsume, who pretends that he doesn’t know anything
  • she smiles, but its obvious that she doesn’t believe him
  • and she remembers the pat on the head


I like this show. A lot. There wasn’t as much humor this time, but I did thi nk it was funny how Nyanko-sensei took on Reiko’s form. And it was a good episode.

I don’t usually like shows like this with one-shot type episodes (I thought Jigoku Shoujo was dull), but it manages to work here, maybe because the characters are mostly recurring, even as just background ones. Also, Natsume is a better lead for this kinda show than most are. Nyanko-sensei helps a lot, too.

I prefer these episodes with people who have had connection to youkai or Ayakashi to ones like the last one. So episodes like this and 2 = good for me.

I do wish that Sasada had gotten to meet Shigure again. And I’d like to know why so many of the Ayakashi vanish after their names are given back – are they dead somehow? Do they go back to some Ayakashi heaven thing? The only one who hasn’t disappeared afterwards so far was the Dew God in episode 2, and he disappeared a little while later anyway.

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  1. omisyth says:

    You thought Jigoku Shoujo was dull?! Oh well, to each their own.
    I’m also wondering why some Ayakashi disappear while others don’t and where they go; perhaps they merge with nature or something like that.

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