Natsume Yuujin-chou Episode 6

Because any screenshot with Nyanko-sensei is a good screenshot.

  • Natsume is with his classmates, Nishimura and the other guy, because they’ve all decided to go fishing
  • unfortunately, the river is all dried up, but Natsume sees a spirit and falls off the bike in a faint
  • later, Natsume wakes up in his room and is accosted by a bunch of ayakashi who want their names back (the only named one is Tarusaru)
  • Tarusaru tells Natsume that he is being possessed, which Nyanko-sensei solves by bashing into his forhead and forcing the demon out
  • the demon is a mild-mannered youkai named Tsubame, and she possessed Natsume because it was the only way she could get out of the bottom of the dam at the river
  • Tsubame asks for Natsume’s help in finding someone, but he says no, so she follows him around until he agrees to
  • Natsume asks his classmates about a guy named Taniozaki, the person Tsubame is looking for, and accidentally spits out his drink on Sasada when Nishimura says that his dad came from the village that is under the dam
  • Nishimura says he’ll ask his dad
  • walking home from school, Natsume asks Tsubame if she had any siblings, and she said she had four, but that they died because of her
  • Tsubame wants to hold Natsume’s hand, and he says its ok, but then Nyanko-sensei makes fun of him when he finds the two
  • Tsubame tells her story to Natsume that night – she was a swallow who fell out of the nest and was rescued by a human, but her parents abandoned the nest because she smelled like a human, and gradually her siblings died, and she ended up becoming a demon
  • a person gave her food one day, though, and kept bringing her food, and she figures that they must have thought she was a stray dog – this guy was Taniozaki
  • at school the next day, Nishimura gives the address of Taniozaki to Natsume
  • Natsume and Tsubame go to see the man, and she recognizes his smell on the road and rushes to meet him
  • Taniozaki can’t see her, but she doesn’t care, she’s just happy to have seen him again
  • Tsubame is going to go back to the bottom of the dam, but Natsume tells her she can stay a little longer since the bottom of the dam hasn’t been covered by water again
  • Natsume thinks about Tsubame during class, and admits he doesn’t feel as if he’s really granted her wish yet
  • as time passes, though, Natsume realizes that Tsubame’s power is fading, as she gets tired more easily
  • one day as he arrives at home, Tarusaru meets him and gives him some sake, then tells him about a festival for youkai at the bottom of the dam
  • Tarusaru tells him what they do for fun at the festival, and mentions a race where the prize is a yukata which will give any youkai a human form for a day
  • Natsume tells Tarusaru to take him to the festival, and they set off
  • Nyanko-sensei stops them, though, and accuses Tarusaru of planning to eat Natsume at the festival
  • there’s a bit of a stand-off, but Natsume continues to insist on going
  • Tarusaru ends up helping to disguise Natsume as a youkai, saying he is helping because he tihnks it’ll be more interesting that way
  • Natsume enters the race, but Tarusaru mocks him for being a fool, as does Nyanko-sensei
  • but when Natsume is about to be tossed to the ground by the youkai, Nyanko-sensei enters his true form and helps him retrive the yukata
  • Natsume gives the yukata to Tsubame, who thanks him and goes to a neighborhood festival that Taniozaki will be at
  • it rains later that night, and the next day Natsume visits the dam to find it covered in water once more
  • he wonders if Tsubame went back, and Nyanko-sensei says that she must’ve because it isn’t hard for earth-bound youkai to return to their resting place
  • another time, Natsume sees Taniozaki walking along, and approaches him to ask if he met a girl in a blue, flowery yukata at the festival
  • Taniozaki says he did and shows Natsume a picture of himself and the girl
  • Natsume tears up and thinks he likes any soul that tries to live the best it can no matter what


I might be lazy and a pain about blogging episodes, but I do like Natsume Yuujin-chou alot. The best part of it is how dead on it gets the feeling of summer – I always feel like I’m standing on the road in the summer time or wherever when I watch it.

So people can redeem demons back into being youkai? I thinlk thats what happened here, but I’m relying on the fansubs, so I just gotta report back what they translated. All I know is that Tsubame said she was a demon, but it was in the past-tense, so she must’ve been redeemed away from being a demon.

Natsume’s getting friendly with his classmates, but Tanuma’s disappeared again. Maybe Natsume won’t develop a close relationship with a human during the show afterall.

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  1. issa-sa says:

    Maybe by the end of the show we learn that close relationships are overrated anyways.

  2. Yamcha says:

    The show seems to be going in the direction that Natsume’s spirit encounters foster his relationships with humans. I also agree that any screenshot with Madara is a good one.

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