Nabari no Ou Dropped

Yeah, I’m pretty bummed, too, Miharu…

At the moment, it seems that I am, unfortunately, going to have to drop Nabari no Ou due to the cease and desist notice sent out by Funi to the fansubbers who were working on it. I am currently downloading the raw of episode twenty, but I simply do not have the Japanese comprehension to be able to really understand it at all – this is simply me being seriously desperate because I’ve really come to love this show.

Look, Funi, I understand that you are completely legally correct in asserting rights on behalf of a Japanese company, but I’m still annoyed. If this was in conjunction with an announcement of your licensing of it, I would not be complaining – I want Nabari no Ou to get a license, and I want to buy the DVD’s once they come out in this country in the case of it being licensed. I would not be hear bitching at all if you had licensed it, and were making the episodes available digitally. And, yes, I will admit that I truly have no right to complain, as you are completely within legal bounds, and it is I who is breaking the law by watching fansubs, so I don’t really have a leg to stand on. But I’m still annoyed.

In the meantime, I am going to continue to seek out fansubs of this, in the vain hope that fans like me will pick up the torch. If a license is announced, I will happily pre-order whenever possible (I have done this in the cases of Tactics, Kanon, and Terra e… so I’m not just talking out of my ass). But for now I’m going to continue to pursue fansubs. And, if I can’t find any in English, I am prepared to do the seriously tedious task of translating Spanish fansubs into English via one of those crappy, but free, online translators; I’m dead serious, that’s how much I like this series.

Anyway, if any of you, dear readers, know of an illicit fansub of Nabari no Ou, leave it in a comment, please please please – if you’re worried about getting in trouble yourself, somehow, I promise to delete it after I read it, ok? And if any of you are computer whizzes willing to work on a fansub, well… I can’t say I have ANY experience at all, but I’m willing to take a hack at it.

If it sounds like I’m desperate, that’s because I am.

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7 Responses to Nabari no Ou Dropped

  1. Webbmaster62 says:

    We only had 7 more episodes left!!!! Damm it all!!!

  2. issa-sa says:

    Yea, I’ve resorted to Spanish fansubs too… though it’s more like watching raws since I don’t understand Spanish :S

  3. kuromitsu says:

    What I don’t understand is why fansubbers don’t just, y’know, go anonymous. Like back when FMA was licensed and only ~10 episodes were remaining. Ah well.

  4. adaywithoutme says:

    @ Webbmaster62 – My thoughts exactly – it’s like when Romeo x Juliet fansubbers were told to stop, and there were only three episodes left… except I guess that was worst because, three episodes? Seriously? And this isn’t a license announcement? Argh.

    @ issa-sa – I have the Spanish comprehension level of a 7th grader in a Spanish language class… which is to say, not much.

    @ kuromitsu – I figure we’ll see some stuff popping up in the intertubes by somewhat anonymous groups in not too long.

  5. omisyth says:

    Ah well, the shw was getting bad for me anyway. I’ll just read the summaries and watch the raws to see how it ends. Thank god for Totali and Aroduc.

  6. Alaena says:


    Though there aren’t any fansubs, a wonderful wonderful person took it upon themselves to TYPE OUT A TEXT TRANSLATION OF THE ENTIRE EPISODE. Click my name to be linked to the translation. Credits for the wonderful translation/summary belong to the translator. ❤

  7. Webbmaster62 says:

    It seems we have been saved.

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