Natsume Yuujin-chou Episode 8

Oops, skipped an episode…

  • Natsume and Nyanko-sensei are walking around the woods and come upon a guy who Natsume thinks is being possessed
  • but its just an ayakashi who was friends with the guy, Akifumi, when he could see youkai
  • the ayakashi ends up chilling at Natsume’s place because she’s waiting to see the guy get married
  • but Hirofumi can’t see her any more because he lost his ability to see youkai – this kinda knaws on Natsume
  • Natsume asks what the ayakashi’s name is, but she says she doesn’t have one
  • while sleeping, Natsume dreams of someone calling out the name ‘Kiyo’, so he decides to call the ayakashi by that
  • Natsume and Nyanko-sensei go back to the pond in the woods, and Nyanko-sensei tells a story of a mountain god who had a human lover – they used to meet in the woods there, and the fireflies lit the way, so the mountain god thanked them by making them ayakashi
  • a lot of the firefly ayakashi left but some stayed behind, and the fireflies still there are supposedly descended from these… but Nyanko-sensei reminds Natsume that its just a story
  • Natsume tries to save Akifumi from what turns out to be a harmless ayakashi, and also tries to ask him about seeing youkai, but can’t manage to
  • they run into Kiyo, though, who tells them about Akifumi and how she met him – he was shunned by his own family because he saw things they couldn’t, so he’d cry by the pond and one day Kiyo accidentally was seen by him
  • she tried to talk to him, but he ignored her at first
  • the next day he came back, though, and every day after that and they’d talk
  • one day Akifumi couldn’t see youkai any more, and Kiyo wonders if the same will happen to Natsume
  • as Natsume does his homework, he keeps thinking of what Kiyo said, but tries to persuade himself that he’d be happy to stop seeing youkai
  • that evening, Natsume goes back to the pond, and this time talks to Akifumi
  • Natsume admits to being able to see youkai, and Akifumi says he used to see them, and then mentions one in particular – Kiyo
  • Akifumi says he loved Kiyo, although he never told her, and says that he hasn’t gotten married yet because of that
  • but Akifumi has found someone to love, and Kiyo tells Natsume that this makes her happy because he’ll no longer be alone
  • that night, Natsume dreams of Kiyo’s memories with Akifumi, and we learn that her real name is Hotaru
  • Hotaru is a firefly ayakashi, and she also loved Akifumi and was devastated when he could no longer see her or feel her touch
  • Natsume wakes up to find Hotaru/Kiyo hovering above him
  • Hotaru has decided to return to her firefly form so she can go see Akifumi one last time
  • Natsume chases after her, though, when Nyanko-sensei says that he hopes she doesn’t go back by the pond, because the big ayakashi from earlier eats fireflies
  • Nyanko-sensei somewhat reluctantly helps Natsume, but the firefly they resuce is not Hotaru
  • Hotaru lands on Akifumi’s hand briefly, and he seems to understand that it is Hotaru
  • Akifumi tries to chase after Hotaru, but she flies away, and a bunch of other fireflies appear to surround everyone
  • Hotaru flies by Natsume’s ear, and he feels that she’s said something, but he can;t understand, and he wonders if that is the way it’ll be some day for him and youkai
  • Natsume decides that its ok if he can’t see youkai any more, because he’ll always remember having seen them


I don’t comment on previews, but the guy apologizing to Nyanko-sensei for his aura being ‘fabulous’ can’t be ignored. Fabulous being said with roses and sparkles in the background… and I thought this was a fairly realistic anime, except for the youkai.

Show continues to be the perfect thing to watch in summer and makes me wanna drop out of school so I can just go lie in the sun for another month. Even with the aircon going I feel like I’m outside with the cicadas screaming and the humidity high when I watch this.

Natsume continues to hang out with youkai and not with people even though we’ve goten development on the class rep, the other guy who can see youkai a little, and some of his classmates. I don’t think the person next episode is gonna change that at all.

Blogging isn’t easy during the semester, so I’m behind on this and forgot to do episode 7. I’ll go back and fix that, but don’t expect up-to-date blogging from me.

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