BL Couple of the Week

Im in ur blog, steelin ur ideez.

Except I’m putting a total fangirl spin on what was an exercise in fanboy-ery. Sorry for janking your idea, Yamcha, and making it ‘dirty’.

Anyway, the obvious is that I’ll showcase one BL couple each week. I’m going to try to stick to legit couples, or, at the very least, plausible couples, so, no worries, you’re not going to find, say, Ichigo x Ishida here, for instance.

This week I’m going for a bit of a throwback feel with Touya and Yukito from CardCaptor Sakura, perhaps my favorite BL couple ever. Touya is a fairly serious young man who can see his mother’s ghost and worries about his younger sister Sakura, and ends up giving away his magical ability to save his friend, Yukito, from disappearing. Yukito is the human identity of the magical being, Yue, and eats a lot of food because of this. In grand CLAMP style, while it is eventually made explicit that Yukito has a crush on Touya, the reader never really gets any exact pay-off for their efforts. Oh, and they both appear is Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle… but I dropped that manga before it was even licensed, so I’m not sure what they do in that.

Hard to find pics of these guys together =( CLAMP fails at sealing the deal (the last couple picture is a fanart) for boy couples.

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4 Responses to BL Couple of the Week

  1. issa-sa says:

    Touya and Yukito are probably the kings of CLAMP boy couples that may or may not be more than just friends (Oh who am I kidding, here’s a cannon BL couple in an otherwise ‘pristinely’ non-BL anime if there ever was one).
    As for what they do in Tsubasa… let’s just say they’re having a honeymoon in every world they appear in 😛

  2. Yamcha says:

    I’m in despair! BL pairing has left me in despair!

    The only problem I see with the weekly BL pairing is that there aren’t very many canon BL couples. Maybe you could extend it to single male pictures too and do a “Guy of the Week” feature.

  3. adaywithoutme says:

    @ issa-sa – I’ll take your word for it on Tsubasa. CLAMP really needs to stop leaving readers hanging on BL couples… them actually going back to work on Legal Drug would help (maybe).

    @ Yamcha – Yeah, I expanded the criteria to ‘plausible’ couples also precisely because of the dearth of BL pairings outside of BL shows and manga. I might end up down the road having to do ‘Guy of the Week’ instead, but for now I’m going to stick to BL pairs – it makes my inner fujoshi happy =D

  4. Beren says:

    Well, I’m thinking here of another BL couple by CLAMP, although I don’t know if you could call them exactly a couple…more of a love/hate realtionship, I guess. I mean Subaru and Seishirou from Toko Babylon and X/1999. Al least, it’s more or less canon.

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