BL Couple of the Week

I just had to go with an old favorite.

I have to admit, though – going with Ryo and Dee from FAKE makes me feel old… but not as old as all those Banana Fish fans – now that’s old.

Anyway, prodding (no pun intended) aside, Ryo and Dee are probably my favorite vintage BL pairing. That their manga is deliciously 90’s and melodramatic certainly helps. Ryo and Dee are both cops in New York City, Dee an old guy from the unit while Ryo is the new guy partnered up with him. Conveniently for us BL lovers, Dee is bisexual, merrily and unapologetically so. And guess who he has his eyes on? Hmm, I wonder. Ryo, meanwhile, is your somewhat typical uke, except he actually possesses a spine, although he does do that thing where he’s totally making out with Dee and then goes, “Wait, this is a guy… no I’m not interested! I’m just… tired… or something… but definitely not into guys!” It’s okay, though – he grows as a character as the manga passes and manages to surpass the stereotypical expectations of an uke.

Come on, how could you hate these two? You got to love how blatantly 90’s the whole thing is, too.

Also, for anyone who cares, there is currently a sequel series being published – at an agonizingly slow pace, but it does exist nonetheless!

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2 Responses to BL Couple of the Week

  1. issa-sa says:

    Wow, not watching FAKE makes me feel young again! Or something…

  2. adaywithoutme says:

    @ issa-sa – I’ve actually never watched the OVA; however, I do own the entire manga =D

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