Great Questions of Our Time…

Abandon all hope ye who enter here…

That picture up there was the first result I got when I google image’d “anime ramble”. I actually severely dislike Saiyuki – I thought it was horrifically dull, and I was just flat-out disappointed since I’ve seen so many other adaptations of Journey to the West which are just leagues ahead of this. What was the point of this? It was like if Weiß Kreuz decided to go on forever six hundred episodes and forgot it was total camp. If it was going to be so bad, they should’ve just made it a harem show with everyone of the guys throwing themselves at, I dunno, the blonde one. Sounds like a plan.

Which actually brings up a good question – if someone told you to take an existing anime and turn it into a harem (including reverse harems and homosexual harems), which one would you do it to? And how would you do it?

Like I said, Saiyuki turned into harem for the win. I’d have to actually make it interesting, though, because even if it were just a harem show but kept the same general plotting it’d be dull as dishwater. So I’d cut it down to twenty-six episodes and actually have them reach the West – crazy idea, I know. I’d also add more, better-animated blood… I kind of have a thing for well-animated blood in large quantities. This is why I liked the Weiß Kreuz OVA – basically, people blinked and gushed ten quarts of blood as a result.

Anyway, I just got in from doing a charity run thing to raise money for cancer research and treatment, so I’m feeling pretty good. I ran about four miles (and this is in addition to the three miles I ran this morning for physical training). My group placed fourth within our division (with fourteen teams total), and half our group flaked out on us, so I’m pretty proud of us.

In the land of anime, I actually have seen episode twenty-one of Nabaro no Ou, but simply haven’t had the time to do a recap of it – I also figure it was already a bit late, so waiting some more doesn’t change much. I’ve been plowing through Fullmetal Alchemist, which I am finding to be an exceedingly good show… and I’m finding that I really, really wish I’d ordered the movie when I bought the last boxset. Also, any dates on that second season yet? Me want.

On the other end of the ledger, I’m also doing my best to plow through Idolm@ster Xenoglossia, which I’m really enjoying, honestly. I say “doing my best” because the torrents are old so it takes forever to download. I feel like I’m one of very few people in the universe who actually likes this show. It’s really nice to see girls piloting mechs for a change.

I never mentioned it, but Maria-sama ga Miteru is getting a fourth broadcast season this coming winter. I love Marimite. It’s pretty overdramatic, but it manages to not seem melodramatic at all, so score one for it. I remember watching the first season and being all secretive about it because it was yuri (very very light yuri, honestly) and I was worried someone (a.k.a. my mom or dad) would see it over my shoulder. This fact makes me feel old, because I was fifteen at the time, and it feels really long ago.

Oh, yeah, you may’ve noticed that Depth really hasn’t been around… Depth is sort of on hiatus because Depth made out with a water fountain and got mono. Or, uh, something like that. I’d tell you to send flowers, except I’m not sure how you would.

Hmm, I titled this “Important Questions of Our Time”, so I have to ask a few more questions… such as “At what moment did you realize that your soul was going to rot in hell for all of eternity due to your obsessive anime habit?” Watching jigoku Shoujo and being convinced that someone was summoning Enma Ai to send you to hell doesn’t count. You could also just tell me when anime and the associated fandom ripped your precious innocent childhood form your hands (in my case, this was a Vash x Wolfwood Trigun fanfic… it took me a while to recover… except I never did…)

So I’ve decided I’m a Fullmetal Alchemist fangirl… really, I watched the first boxset (seventeen episodes) in about a week, and I’m almost done with the third boxset after having started in on the second and third about a week ago (so, twenty-three episodes, methinks). I then ordered the fourth boxset on Sunday, and just ordered the first three volumes of the manga. If it seems like I’m being cavalier with money, that’s because I honestly am, but that’s what happens when you suddenly get paid after having your stipend get screwed up and get zero dollars for about a month… then it suddenly all appears and you get all crazy and spend too much because its all the money that had backed up in the pipeline. Further, my birthday is coming up, and my mum sent me my presents early (Dear Mom, I love you).

Speaking of money, I need to go hit the money machine and make sure I put away some money for my savings account! Grad school tuition’s a bitch, don’t ya know?

Hmm, more questions… What’s your favorite crack pairing ever? Really, EVER?

And for the random one, what’s your favorite band? I might have to steal Yamcha’s filler post brilliance of listing my top played songs, ’cause that seems kind of fun. R.E.M. rocks my life, no lie… although I also really love The Magnetic Fields.

Did you know that Taro Aso is a Roman Catholic? I had no idea. I’m actually a bit surprised, since there aren’t really many Christians in Japan, period. I myself am partially ethnically Catholic, and I tote a rosary around although I wasn’t raised as Catholic nor am I at all religious.

Ok, it’s safe to come back now – I’m done being obnoxious. I have to go scavenge some food.

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