Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae 4

Yeah, I’ll admit it, this episode had some weird stuff in it…

Some of the boys in Yuzuki’s class spar in the hall with mops, even as other classmates ask them to stop. But they cease their activity when a boy walks through and tells them that its dangerous to do that before continuing on.

At Casa de la Hell Crew, Hone Onna tells Wanyuudo that he should try being a teacher, but he insists he’d be no good at it. Ichimoku Ren mentions that he needs to go get an experiment ready for his class, and Hone Onna also says she needs to get things ready.

At the school, the boy who stopped the mop fight walks by again, and Yuzuki notes that the boy, Yukawa, has changed a lot.

In flashback mode, we see Yukawa being harassed by some bullies and beaten up. The school nurse asks if she should talk to his homeroom teacher, Tange-sensei, but he insists he has just fallen down. The nurse implies that he is lying, and Yukawa states that if she says anything, he’ll stop coming to school.

The nurse talks to one of Yukawa’s teachers, who remarks about his family and Yukawa’s tendency to daydream in class. Yuzuki walks in on this, and hears as the teacher says he’ll keep an eye out for Yukawa’s bullies.

But Yukawa keeps being bullied, and finally his bullies tie him naked to a tree and throw snowballs at him, mocking him. Just as they’re about to throw a rock, a guy in kendo gear comes to his rescue, and beats up the bullies before untying Yukawa. The guy is Nishida, a third-year college student studying law. He tells Yukawa that he wants to be a prosecutor some day.

Nishida takes Yukawa under his wing, and insists that he learns kendo. Yukawa is reluctant, saying that he is ok with being bullied, since that is just the lot of some people in the world. This upsets Nishida, who takes Yukawa to one of his kendo competitions, which he then wins. But Nishida insists he must still get better. Yukawa then states that Nishida is good enough, because he is smart, strong, and has good looks. Nishida wonders why he isn’t popular if all of that is true, and Yukawa blushingly suggests that people think he’s beyond their reach. Nishida expresses surprise, and then teasingly says that Yukawa is better looking, since he has a cute face. When Yukawa insists this isn’t good because he’s a guy, Nishida starts singing, “If you’re a guy, if you’re a guy…”, much to Yukawa’s confusion. He then asks Yukawa to train with him during spring break.

Yukawa and Nishida train together during spring break. One day when they lie down by the river after sparring, Nishida asks Yukawa if he feels good after training. Yukawa says yes, but some sweat goes into his eye, causing him to flinch. Nishida says he’ll clear it, and kisses him.

That night, Yukawa eats dinner with his family, who express surprise when he asks for seconds. They talk about how he’s been changing, and say that they would like to thank Nishida for the kendo training. But Yukawa insists that he isn’t the type who would accept any thanks for it.

At school, Yukawa’s classmates watch him walk by and go on about how he’s gotten cooler. Yuzuki is in with the school nurse, who asks after Yukawa. Yuzuki says that he isn’t in her class, but he has taken up kendo and seems to be doing well. The nurse seems pretty happy about this.

In back of the school, Yukawa brings trash to Wanyuudo for burning. Hone Onna and Ichimoku Ren approach after he leaves, and comment on how mature he seems in comparison to the other students.

Yukawa rides the bus with Nishida, who is nervous about his bar exam. The bus stops suddenly because Kikuri rides her tricycle in front of it, her key having run down. A passerby rewinds it at her request, and she rides off. A young man on the bus angrily tells off another man who has accidentally hit him in the head. Unfortunately for him, the other man is a yakuza, who proceeds to lops off his hair with a wakizashi, as other passengers, along with the bus driver, ignore what is happening. Yukawa makes a move to get up, but when the yakuza shoots him a dirty look, he stops. Yukawa looks to Nishida, but is disturbed to find that Nishida is also ignoring what is happening, his nose in his book with a frightened look on his face.

That evening, Nishida tries to explain himself to Yukawa, saying that he didn’t do anything because he didn’t want Yukawa to get hurt. Yukawa seems to be unimpressed by his reasoning, and that night he accesses the Jigoku Tsuushin. At her own home, Yuzuki wakes up to see a vision of the whole thing.

Yukawa pulls the string almost immediately after receiving the straw doll, stating that he knows that there are lots of worse people in the world, but that they have nothing to do with him.

Nishida finds himself ceaselessly beating a large drum, and begs for a chance to prove that he is better than what he did. He wants to become a prosecutor for atone for it. But he is denied his chance, and is carried to hell by Ai.

The next day, Yukawa is bullied again; he fights back initially, before caving in. He goes to see the nurse, who asks why he has given up, and he tells her with a smirk that it is because even if he changes a bit, society as a whole doesn’t.


I thought that was a really good episode, especially after the last one. We really got to know Yukawa’s situation, and his relationship with Nishida, which just made the end all the more wrenching.

Speaking of which, the end was a little… extreme, but it did make sense. Yukawa idolized Nishida way too much, and he had him upon a really high pedestal; so when Nishida slipped up and showed how human he was, it was just too much. Part of the problem also was that Nishida made Yukawa reconsider his world-view – before he met Nishida, he felt that the world was a cold place where some were destined to always be beneath others, but Nishida encouraged him to think he could change things and change his place in the world. So when he saw Nishida passively stand by, it destroyed his new outlook, and brought him back to his old one. It shattered his world and his newfound optimism, something which really would’ve hurt.

Of course, he was also heartbroken by Nishida’s failure to act, as they obviously had developed a romantic sort of relationship by then. You really see this fact right after Yukawa pulls the string; he had been saying that Nishida’s being a bad person only concerned him, thus he should take care of it, and after pulling the string says, “Only me… only me…” as his shoulders shake. Sending Nishida to hell doesn’t make Yukawa happy, but he feels he has to to prove a point to himself, that he was right about the world after all.

Anyway, Kikuri’s back to pushing people toward the path to hell again – you cannot convince me that her tricycle stopping the bus was an accident, although it obviously would’ve been really hard to predict how that could’ve pushed Yukawa to contacting Ai.

And speaking of previous season characters… the nurse? Yeah, there’s a reason we never saw her face – I swear that’s Tsugumi. Guess she’s going to be carrying out her dad’s old mission. To comment on the second season for a moment, here’s another poor character who can’t catch a break – seemed like things were going to be happy for her at the end of the first season, but then in the second season we see that Hajime died an unhappy man. Her appearance in this season does not bode well for her, although it’ll certainly make things interesting.

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3 Responses to Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae 4

  1. SB says:

    Thanks for the good summary. I saw this when it came out and it left a weird taste… It’s still a far stretch for me to think that his ONLY option was to use jigoku shoujo, but then I guess if he didn’t, this wouldn’t be a jigoku shoujo episode. I’d like to use more reasonable logic than that, though : )

    Interesting how so far this season almost all the ‘deaths’ have been people who more or less exactly failed to deserve it~

  2. adaywithoutme says:

    @ SB – Yeah, I don’t think it was his only option to use it at all, but it made sense if you consider how fifteen year olds tend to be (i.e. extreme). This was one of those times when I was pretty bummed that he pulled the thread anyway.

  3. Baka-Raptor says:

    He was just removing sweat from the kid’s eye. That wasn’t a kiss. You have no proof. I don’t watch BL.

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