Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae Episode 3

Because if I pictured what would be hell for me, it’d be full of idol shows.

I’m going to boil this episode down a LOT because I thought it was pretty lame.

Our hell crew watches Yuzuki from afar and comment she hasn’t talked to anyone about the visions she’s been having, and then one of them wonders if maybe she just doesn’t have anyone she could really confide in.

Later that day, Yuzuki and Akie are out walking when they see a filming taking place. Moriyama Jun, a famous idol, is acting in a TV drama. Not long after, the pair rescue Jun from a perverted fan who was about to expose himself to her (I LOL’d so hard at the fact that he was wearing overalls, a trucker hat, and no shirt). As thanks, Jun invites the two to dinner at her hotel, and they agree.

That night, Yuzuki and Akie walk to the hotel, and are stopped by a girl named Momota Masako, who asks them to give an envelope to Jun. They agree, and go in to have a delicious dinner with Jun. Before they leave, they give the envelope to Jun, and say who it is from, which provokes paranoid looks from Jun and her handlers. It opens and out fall some rude pictures of Jun. Yuzuki and Akie agree to not say anything.

Outside, Masako confronts them, although they try to avoid her. She tells them that she and Jun used to be with the same talent agency, and that Jun was rotten to her.

Somehow, the three end up in an empty lot, Yuzuki-tachi looking on as Masako sings poorly. Jun shows up to apologize to Masako, although Masako refuses to accept her apology, and demands that Jun promote her to her talent agency. Jun says no, because Masako doesn’t have talent. When Masako insists she’s worked so hard she deserves it, Jun says that hardwork is the last resort of those who have no talent.

So, gee, guess what happens? you got it, Masako goes home and makes a deal with the devil Ai, and Yuzuki has a vision of it.

The next day, Masako tries to sell her photos of Jun to a publisher, but instead sells them to Jun’s agent.

Yuzuki and Akie go to the Jun concert in town, and Yuzuki sees Jun a few rows further up in the crowd, but then notices the straw doll she’s holding. On-stage, Jun stops the show briefly to apologize to Masako, and to tell her fans how much she loves singing. As she starts the next song, Masako angrily pulls the red string.

Jun suddenly finds herself at a concert in hell, and is shown all the things she did to Masako. As she is carried by boat into hell, she sings quietly to herself, and hands wave glow sticks just above the water’s surface.

Jun’s handlers stand outside the concert hall, looking at it in the evening light and wondering where Jun went. They then see people approaching, her fans, and they gather outside the hall to chant Jun’s name. Yuzuki and Akie see it on TV, and Akie comments that Jun is probably legendary now. Yuzuki agrees hesitantly, knowing what has happened to Jun.


There’s a reason I’m not a huge fan of idol shows – I think they’re pretty boring. And this episode pretty much fit that bill.

Honestly, the only thing worth commenting on at all in this episode was Jun’s character design, and how it highlights the fact that Jigoku Shoujo as a series tends to depict characters that are pretty human – Jun’s character design really stood out, what with her blonde hair, something we haven’t seen in this show before. The people in this show are normal people, and are drawn as such; Jun was more than average (so to speak), and was drawn in a manner in which that was made even more obvious.

But, yeah, this really wasn’t a good episode.

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