The Irreverent Vampire Knight Character Guide


Because at some point referring to them as ’emo guy’, ‘the dumb girl’, and ’emo guy’s brother’ gets confusing.

And so does ‘boring guy’, ‘the other boring guy’, ‘the boring girl’, and ‘boring girl’s friend’ – seriously, this show might not lack in the drama-soaked character department, but it doesn’t lack in the boring character department either.


Yuuki Cross

Yuuki’s pretty easy to pick out, since she’s the heroine of the tale. Yuuki’s distinguishing characteristics are that she’s dumb, her blood is delicious, she’s incapable of defending herself, and her eyes are ridiculously huge in the anime. Highlight for spoilers: She also has a penchant for incest. But, mainly she has no common sense and is as thick as a lump of lead.


Zero Kiryuu

A.k.a. emo guy. Zero is the sap that is interested in Yuuki even though she’s too stupid to figure that out. Zero is also the most emo character in the cast, and has a twin whom he is easily slashed with… wait, what? He shows his affection for Yuuki by being a jerk for much of the first half of the story. And he’s a vampire.


Kaname Kuran

Kaname is a gigantic control-freak, and is Yuuki’s love interest. He’s a vampire, and likes to control everything from behind the scenes. He hates and is hated by Zero. Most importantly, he’s a gigantic creep. Highlight for spoilers: is actually secretly a zombie.


Kaien Cross and Toga Yagari

If this were a BL anime, these two would be banging each other.

Anyway, Kaien is the chairman of Cross Academy, and idealistically thinks vampires and humans can be happy-happy, joy-joy together, although he used to be a vampire hunter. Took Yuuki and Zero in after their parents were killed by vampires. Toga is disappointed when he learns that the Cross Academy Toga Party has nothing to do with him is a vampire hunter who taught Zero everything he knows. He sticks around waaay too much in the anime.


Aidou Hanabusa

Seems to fall under the impulsive type of emotionally unstable personality disorder, as he runs fairly hot and cold. Hates Yuuki because he wants to have Kaname’s babies. Will follow Kaname to the ends of the Earth, doesn’t like Yuuki or Zero… really, if this were BL, he’d be Kaname’s sex slave.


Kain Akatsuki

Exists to be boring, be Aidou’s unwilling partner in crime, and as someone to pair Ruka off with for people who actually like Ruka.


Ruka Souen

Typical bitchy other girl who only exists to provide potential competition for the heroine’s love interest. Really bitchy, and… uhh… well…


Takuma Ichijou

Vaguely suicidal Moon Class vice-president. Has a scary grandfather. In a sane world, Yuuki would want him, as he’s actually a good guy and never acts like a jack-ass.


Senri Shiki

Senri was a great white hope of BL in this series, as he was said to only want Takuma’s blood… but then he settled into just being boring and a fashion model. Gets possessed by his creepy dead dad, Rido, but is still boring.


Rima Touya

You probably look at this and get your hopes up for another loli… yeah, dream on. Like Senri, she’s a fashion model… and boring. Senri’s love interest, maybe, and also maybe likes Senri. Gets pictured with stuffed animals and the like often in a pitiful grabbing for the loli-con audience.


Maria Kurenai

The real loli of the show. Possessed by Shizuka Hio for most of her time in the show. Kisses Zero’s brother, thus lighting a fire of hope in the hearts of loli-cons everywhere. Looks like she’s going to kiss Yuuki a few times, thus lighting a fire of hope in the hearts of yuri-lovers everywhere. Tries to get into Yuuki’s panties drinks Yuuki’s blood a few times.


Shizuka Hio

Coolest friggin’ character in the whole freaking show/manga. Killed Zero’s family, made him a vampire, and keeps Ichiru, his brother, as a companion. Strangely reminds me of Shizuma Hanazono from Strawberry Panic (its probably the hair and the being controlling bit). Would be the master dominatrix in a hentai and make everyone cry. Crazy.


Ichiru Kiryuu

The non-emo Kiryuu twin and Shizuka’s servant. Gets even more ambiguously yaoi with Zero as the storyline progresses – just wait. Wants to be a vampire.


Asato Ichijou

Creep. Helps Rido possess Senri. Member of the Vampire Council. Old and creepy.


Rido Kuran

“Wait a minute!” you say, “That picture shows most of the core cast, and I don’t see anyone we haven’t met yet!” See the two eyes at the top? Yeah, that’s Rido. Rido possesses his son, Senri, because he wants power. Why do they have different surnames? Because otherwise its not a surprise, geez!!! In league with Asato.



Seiren is down here because I forgot her… which is ok, because she matters so little that she doesn’t have a surname. Might be Kaname’s bodyguard. Pretty boring.


Sayori Wakaba

The not-SD girl in the picture. Yuuki’s room-mate, allegedly doesn’t know about the whole vampire business although it kind of seems like she might be aware of more than she lets on to. Only character in the show who doesn’t act stupid or crazy or reckless.

That’s probably it, but this is a show/manga that likes to whip random characters out of its ass, so lord knows.

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4 Responses to The Irreverent Vampire Knight Character Guide

  1. Beren says:

    Wuah, you pretty summed up all the characters! Zero is the biggest emo character in any show I’ve watched so far, and Shizuka rocks!She was a decent villain at the very least. The problem with VK is that it is lately getting a bit over the top… I won’t be able to stand those levels of emo-ness for much longer! Also, I nominate VK for the show with most boring cast of side charcaters.

  2. tigerlily says:

    How right you got it, man i couln’t have done it better myself but you forgot to mantion that kaname is a mega siscon and likes ancestral incest, i agree that zero is an emofest and yuuki is stupid to no end lol pure lulz >:D………^_^.

  3. rose kiryu says:

    i love these pics

  4. Kanon says:

    I enjoyed the character guide!

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