Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae Episode 6


Because just when you think it can’t get any weirder, you remember that this is Jigoku Shoujo, so, yes, actually it can.

A girl leans against a vending machine by a dark street in the middle of the night, typing in a name on the Jigoku Tsuushin on her cell phone. Kikuri twirls around the corner, and implies that she is the jigoku Shoujo, before dropping an eyeball into the outstretched hands of the girl.

The next day, a few classes practice their rhythmic gymnastics routine under Sone Anna’s (Hone Onna) watchful eyes. Sone-sensei flashes back to earlier in the day, when she learned that someone had typed Ichimoku Ren’s alias, Ishimoto Ren, into the Jigoku Tsuushin. Instead of being troubled by it, though, Ren seems pleased with himself, believing it to be as a result of the girl having a crush on him.

Back in the gym, one of the girls accidentally drops her baton at the end, much to the chagrin of her classmate, and Sone-sensei calls for the end of practice. She gives the girl, Serizawa, her baton back, and then another student, Morohoshi, approaches her with a towel to give her. From afar, Akie comments to Yuzuki that Morohoshi is always sucking up, and that their class has no chance in the rhythmic gymnastics competition because of it. Yuzuki wonders if its just because she’s jealous, since Akie is a fan of Sone-sensei.

In the locker room, Morohoshi talks about how cool Sone-sensei is, although a friend of hers points out that its a bit weird of her to like her so much since she is a woman. Morohoshi berates Serizawa for messing up during the routine, accusing her of causing Sone-sensei trouble because of that.

Sone-sensei goes to talk to Ishimoto-sensei (a.k.a. Ren), and tries to convince him to be nice to Serizawa so that her grudge’ll fade away. But Ishimoto-sensei insists it’ll just be worse if he does anything.

However, later that day, Hone Onna gets home and finds Ren sulking in his room. When she asks why, Wanyuudou tells her that its because he found out why he’s hated – because Serizawa has a crush on Sone-sensei, and thinks that Ishimoto-sensei is involved with her.

The next day at the end of school, Yamawaro plays a trick so that Serizawa crashes her bike. Sone-sensei helps her up and gives her a band-aid, then helps walk her home. They stop for a few minutes by a river, and Sone-sensei brings up the topic of boyfriends and crushes. When Serizawa says that her crush already has someone, Sone-sensei tries to encourage Serizawa by pointing out that she might be wrong about thinking that.

At her house, Serizawa thanks Sone-sensei, and then goes up to her room. She then tears off the band-aid, and sits on her bed, looking smug.

In homeroom the next day, Morohoshi shows off the band-aid Sone-sensei gave her, and her friends commented that she went pretty far to get it – Morohoshi tore off the scab from and old scrape to get it to bleed again. But then Morohoshi notices the same band-aid on Serizawa’s neck, and is instantly gripped by jealousy. She confronts Serizawa about it outside, and Serizawa insists that she got a bug bite on her neck, but when Morohoshi tears it off, it looks like a hickey instead. Serizawa begs Morohoshi not to tell anyone as she walks away, but once the other girl is gone, Serizawa smirks, having gotten Morohoshi to play right into her hands.

In an abandoned park that evening, Morohoshi types Serizawa’s name into the Jigoku Tsuushin on her phone. Yuzuki, as has become customary, receives a vision of her standing with the straw doll in the park.

The next day, Morohoshi searches for her shoes for PE, since they aren’t in her locker or bag. She finds them in a bucket as Serizawa comes in, and accuses her of having put them there. Serizawa admits to it, but claims that Sone-sensei told her to, and that Sone-sensei told her that she thinks Morohoshi is annoying. When Morohoshi asks why Serizawa was told this, Serizawa smiles smugly and says that she is Sone-sensei’s favorite. After Serizawa leaves, Morohoshi pulls the string.

In the hallway, Yuzuki collapses as Ai emerges from her.

Serizawa finds herself suddenly in a race in which the winner gets “Juliet” – Sone Anna. She cheats throughout, kicking Ai so that she falls from a climbing rope and pushing Yamawaro as he’s running with Kikuri on his back, and approaches Sone-sensei… only to see Sone-sensei in her Hone Onna form, her skull partially exposed. Serizawa backs away in horror, and Ai appears to carry her to hell.

In the boat, Ai repeats part of her admonition to those about to pull the red string upon receiving the straw doll, and staggers slightly as she steers the boat. Hone Onna looks on from the shore, a mournful look on her face.

The next day, Sone-sensei watches the students with Yamawaro. Yamawaro mistakens her sadness for being disappointed that Morohoshi has found a new crush (Wanyuudo the janitor!), although it seems more that Sone-sensei is bothered by the fact that Serizawa was so crazy and that Morohoshi was so easily willing to send someone to hell.


Out of Ai’s minions, I would have to say that Hone Onna is my favorite, so I enjoyed this episode’s being focused on her – I just feel like she’s gotten better development than either Ren or Wanyuudo, since she had a back-history episode, and has had a few episodes where she got very involved with the lead character for that episode. So we know her pretty well, so I guess its easy to like her best.

Anyway, Serizawa was pretty twisted, even by Jigoku Shoujo standards, although she honestly probably isn’t too exaggerated from the way some high school students operate… or even how some adults operate. Even so, Morohoshi’s reason for sending her to hell was pretty stupid, but that’s been the pattern this season.

I liked the twist that someone was trying to send one of Ai’s attendants to hell this episode – that idea had never occurred to me before, but now we know that the request will get rejected.

Ai looked a bit unsteady in the boat, what with her random recitation of part of her usual ‘Here’s the straw doll, you can send someone to hell… but…’ speech and the staggering. I don’t expect to get much more development beyond that in the overarching storyline though for a little while, given that it tends to take a while for a main plotline to develop in the Jigoku Shoujo seasons.

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