Kuroshitsuji Half-Season Review


Please tell me that shoutas are the new trend in anime.

Not that I’m into little boys or anything… that’s what I like about high school boys – I keep getting older, and they stay the same age.

Props to whoever can pick out that reference, although anyone between the ages of, oh, say twenty and thirty-five who can’t get that one isn’t really worth their chops.

Anyway, Kuroshitsuji thus far has me seriously divided on its worth – on the one hand, it can really hit the horror element dead-on, and has had some excellently pitched plot twists… but then it does stuff like trot out a flamboyant shinigami character who wields… a chainsaw. In the late 19th century. Uh…

So, yes, I would tentatively say I enjoy this show, but I’d also give some serious caveats as regards the overall quality of the work, given how uneven it has been so far. It mainly comes down to the characters themselves, as Ciel and Sebastian are both wonderfully creepy, but many of the side characters are simply grating, such as Ciel’s fiancee Elizabeth, who hijacks an entire, and entirely forgettable, episode.

I would also like to complain about the music for the eye-catch… which seems really petty, but given that one of the Jack the Ripper episodes, which I thought were high-points for the series thus far, goes from a bloody battle to a weirdly up-beat violin piece, I don’t think I’m unjustified in feeling somewhat irritated. The Jack the Ripper episodes are also marred by the aforementioned shinigami, who dampens the serious mood with the very fluffiness of his (its?) character – I don’t want my villain making weird Romeo and Juliet jokes with his/her/its opponent during a fight right after having killed a main character.

There’s also the problem of the ED music – the song is fine by itself, nothing I’m particularly fond of, though not awful… but it doesn’t fit the tone that this series seems to be trying to attain. Its upbeat, which doesn’t really work right after watching a woman get a chainsaw jammed into her chest.

So, unfortunately, I can’t call Kuroshitsuji a good show so far – if it can manage to banish its lesser characters and tone-deaf humor, maybe I’ll be able to give it a better assessment once all is said and done, but right now it is fairly firmly wedged in the so-so category.

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  1. Kairu Ishimaru says:

    “Please tell me that shoutas are the new trend in anime.”


  2. sweetestgirl says:

    Dazed and Confused, yes? No?

    And as for the shouta comment, YES PLZ.

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