Slight New Look

Look at my new header. Give me feedback. Guess what anime series its from… so then I can feel smug if you can’t guess it (or surprised if you can), and then I can give credit for where I got the picture from.

Anyway, if you can remember the last one at all, the two ladies featured in that were Juri and Shiori from Revolutionary Girl Utena – if you couldn’t recognize Juri, I was kind of cheating, since I used line-art from her character design during episodes seventeen, twenty-eight, and twenty-nine when she was shown several years prior to the series, and actually wore the girls’ seifuku as opposed to her student council uniform. LOL I suck.

Anyway, the header image I edited on Photoshop, but was culled from an excellent, excellent website.

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1 Response to Slight New Look

  1. Yamcha says:

    You got me, I cave. What is the new banner?

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