Vampire Knight Guilty Half Season Review


Yeah, Yuuki, that’s kind of the way I’m feeling about your show at the moment…

Oh, Vampire Knight – you soap opera of the anime world! I’m sure if I took you seriously, I would be disappointed in what’s been happening in your world this season… or, uh, I’d be viciously attacking almost every single blog that is following you and mocking you in the process.

I actually love Vampire Knight Guilty, and all of its wonderful flaws and melodrama – its like the perfect dessert, all fluffy whipped cream and no nutritional value at all. I watch this show because I feel shutting my brain off, and because I know that there’s hysterical stuff like sibcon and… uhh… more sibcon still to come (there are also a few ridiculous plot twists lurking on the horizon, but in case you’re actually following this blind to spoilers, I’ll keep that stuff to myself).

Anyway, Vampire Knight Guilty is pretty much the same old Vampire Knight stuff, just with the melodrama turned up by a factor of about three. We already know how the “love triangle” is going to turn out (and, really, calling it that is dumb considering Zero has no chance), we know that people are going to get bitten, and most of us can guess what is going to happen with Yuuki… although it would take a really good imagination to completely guess how completely over the top that plot development will be. We also know that the animation is going to be pretty horrendous.

My one point of annoyance is that Yuuki’s eyes have grown to epic proportions this season – they take up half her face!

Otherwise, though, I can’t help but love this crap – I’m a sucker for bad sci-fi movies, and this is pretty much the anime equivalent, at least in overall atmosphere and tone. As long as you’re not taking this seriously, you probably can, too, although your ability to tolerate melodrama will definitely vary the mileage you can get out of this. Though I will contend that the ED music, by the under-appreciated Kanon Wakeshima, is excellent.

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