ef~A Tale of Melodies~ Half-Season Review


Get ef’d.

ef~A Tale of Melodies~ was a show that, while I found it visually entertaining, seemed to not be living up at all to the hype, and honestly came across as seriously pretentious more than anything – yeah, I was enjoying it to a degree, but I also felt like it was trying to be deeper than its content really was.

Then episode six happened and blew me away – suddenly, this ef had some actual, legit depth to it, and the Yuu/Yuuko storyline had managed to shrug off the dullness that had hung over it to that point.

Too bad episode seven dialed the entire thing back down, with Kuze’s breakdown scene almost an identical copy of Yuuko’s, save for a few differences (mm, pills and glass shards).

So, like a few other shows this season, ef still has a lot to prove – can it return to the glory it showed in episode six, or is it just doomed to go back to earlier boredom and lack of meaning? No one can argue that the visuals aren’t impressive AND a visual feast so far as the surreal effects go, but if the show’s content can’t live up to the artistic flair, what’s the point of even watching? There’s a reason empty-headed art-house films don’t tend to attract much of an audience.

If ef wants to have any sort of staying power, even if only in the minds of those who watched it during it’s run, its going to have to maintain the level of episode six for the Yuu/Yuuko story, particularly considering that this had been the weak point of the show prior to said episode. The Mizuki/Kuze storyline is sailing along fairly steadily, although it could use a touch more depth. Nagi is also criminally underutilized, so it’d be a decent idea to at least give her a little more of a role in the plot, although I wouldn’t hold my breath.

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