Kurozuka Half-Season Review


LULZ crotch-shot!

I apologize deeply for that – I can’t find any good screen-shots, and this one made me snort (who the hell does a screencap like that? it really doesn’t illuminate anything at all…).

Anyway, I have to admit that I still haven’t completely wrapped my brain around Kurozuka… but its still a good show, as the animation continues to be stunning and the blood spatter beautiful. The music is fairly solid, and while normally Engrish’d OP’s are nigh on frightening, here it somehow works and doesn’t just sound stupid (and, really, how could you hate a song that has a contributing artist known as ‘Maximum the Hormone’?).

However, a show can hit the technical merits on the head and still be terrible; yet Kurozuka, although weaving a confusing and yet-to-be-clear story, is doing a good job of keeping the viewer engaged through the endless guessing and the enigmatic nature of our leading lady, Kuromitsu. It also helps that the action is still going at a fairly full-throttle pace.

I’m not entirely sure that Kurozuka is going to end up being something good or not, just because the way the show is being done is something I can see easily train-wrecking in the future… although I’d lean toward the remainder of the show playing itself out well, given how good of an effort Madhouse has made so far (by the way, Madhouse deserves some sort of award for having seriously awesome shows in spades this season).

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2 Responses to Kurozuka Half-Season Review

  1. Yamcha says:

    Kurozuka is visually slick to be sure but thinking about that opening song gives me a headache. At least it has some very awesome action.

  2. adaywithoutme says:

    @ Yamcha – The OP makes me smile XD

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