If Captain Ahab were an anime character…


“For television entertainment I just loudly hum The Immigrant Song while leading my army men in an assault on the air conditioner/heater.”

Once upon a time in my freshman year, my heater broke in January. At the time I was so sick, I had a 103 degree fever and was hallucinating. My R.A. had to call the repair folks because I was completely incapable of doing so myself, and the repairman complained about having to fix the unit on a Sunday night.

This is one of those dreaded filler posts you’ve been warned so much about… and yet you feel yourself slowly pulled in, like an innocent young lad is to 4ch, or Captain Ahab as his ship goes a-floundering after Moby Dick’s assault (see? I wasn’t completely lying with the post title, I got Ahab on board *snickers*).

I just finished watching episode seven of Vampire Knight… GUILTY! and I’m struggling against the urge to start blogging the show because a. its just so freaking ridiculous, and b. I need someone to listen to my raving about how freaking ridiculous it is. This isn’t even the fault of the original creation, a.k.a. the manga, because, yeah, that was over-the-top itself, but J.C. Staff has decided to throw in a lot of random junk and has also merrily re-ordered a lot of scenes while turning up people’s angst factors by about, oh, I’d say eighty-nine. The show just does absurd things, and you think it can’t get any more demented… and then it does. Seriously, J.C. Staff, try toning down your original additions to it, you’re making me want to hunt you down, tie you up with duct tape, and leave you in the shower… with the cold water running.

I’m also trying to decide if I feel like a quarter-season review of Skip Beat, because that feels kind of like cheating, but I want to rant about it a little, and I don’t want to watch another five or six episodes to be able to call it a half-season and be done with it. I think I might make myself suffer another three episodes and then pretend I’ve watched thirteen so I can rant about it in half-season form.

Right now I’m listening to Daddy Yankee and wishing I had a gun with me so I could lock the bolt to the rear repeatedly like they are doing in the song. Have I ever mentioned that I think bowling would be much better if it involved shooting the pins? I grew up in a place where we do candlepin bowling instead of that shitty crap with the duckpins – and you know what? I sincerely believe that all other forms of bowling are beyond lame by comparison and frequently mourn the fact that I go to school where candlepin bowling does not exist.

The Daddy Yankee is a change from the steady diet of Toki o Kizamu Uta that I’ve been consuming for… oh, I don’t know, the last week. It was honestly the only song I listened to for the entire last week because it was the only song I could stand in that time period – thank you, Lia, for giving me a song that comforted me like a warm glass of milk because the last week has been pretty hellish for me.

By the way, sorry that isn’t the PV, I feel like a PV might exist out there but I can’t locate one.

Yes, this is fairly random. And by random, I mean nigh-on stream-of-consciousness… thank goodness I’m not stuck with an ooze-of-consciousness, though.

Ok, I think I need to somehow relate this back to anime to keep you guys from drifting away completely. Um, let’s see… well, Kuroshitsuji needs to stop existing on 4ch, because it is going to ensure that I’m on the fast-track to hell. That, or Ciel needs to stop acting like an adult in the body of a twelve year old, because that is honestly where the problem lies – look, lets face it, I’m a BL fangirl, and although I’m allergic to shouta-con (eww, Loveless, eww), if the character is going to act like he’s thirty when he’s twelve, its a little hard to avoid letting one’s imagination draw some non-canon conclusions.

Speaking of 4chan, Elricest. Damn, I need to see the movie… I’m making my way through the manga slowly but surely, but unlike a lot of vocal folks, I still like the anime itself a lot – yeah, they diverge, but so what? Can works not stand on their own? I know they’re related, but even so, I don’t see why we can’t evaluate them separately from one another – I mean, hell, if the manga-ka liked the anime adaptation, shouldn’t we all be willing to examine it separately?

I’m amused by the fact that I managed to do that entire paragraph without actually name-checking the series in question. Right now, if you could see me, you’d see a fake-loli smirking at her laptop in the warm glow of the kitchen light, sitting with her knees pressed against a radiator which is warding off the bitter cold of the evening.

Eh, I figure maybe I should stop about here, since I’ve managed to eclipse eight-hundred words by just blathering on somewhat nonsensically. Sorry folks, it keeps me occupied, and that’s what I need right now.

EDIT: So, an amusing aside – in typing up the tags I initially accidentally typed in the name of my high school crush as a tag – now that’s what I call hilarious.

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  1. Baka-Raptor says:

    What? You had a crush on Captain Ahab?

    Moby Dick was such a boring book. Contrary to all the hype about the whale hunt, there was nothing but filler until the last 3 or so chapters.

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