ef~a tale of melodies~ Series Review


Known aliases: ef~a tale of fail~, ef~a tale of stupid~, and ef’d~wow, we screwed this one up~.


Honestly, ef~a tale of melodies~ comes out as terribly disappointing because it had so many moments that really were spot-on… but then it floundered on a lot of things, like the vast majority of the Mizuki/Kuze storyline, and totally flubbed some key moments, like Yuuko’s death – I honestly think Yuuko’s death scene might top the H2O~Footprints in the Sand~ train scene in terms of ridiculousness and out-of-tone-ness. Yuuko’s death could’ve been done poignantly, done correctly, done with quite a bit of emotional oomph… but for some reason they punted away on this one, rushing it and just making it stupid. Yuu walking around aimlessly with her in his arms instead of calling an ambulance could’ve worked had they not already made the whole thing dumb, but instead it just served to make it all seem that much more idiotic.

There really were some great points in this, though – Mizuki and Yuuko singing together was beautiful, and Yuu and Yuuko’s parting scene was heartfelt. But this whole thing was just completely undermined by periodic outbursts of utter boredom and a destructive urge to go full-on melodrama just when things were getting good. Mizuki and Kuze’s storyline started off engagingly enough, but cast about for the entire middle portion of the series, giving us a dull back and forth of scenes wherein one of them hemmed and hawed over whether or not they should go seek the other out. Yuu and Yuuko, on the other hand, bored the crap out of me for the first five episodes, then looked promising before Yuuko got the stupid death scene treatment.

There is also the issue of characters from the previous season getting randomly jammed into the last two episodes – look, folks, I tried to watch the first season, and gave it up after two episodes because it was horrendously boring – I don’t need to see those characters again.

Also, Yuuko? Most screwed-over character ever – the poor girl loses her family, gets snubbed by the boy she likes, then gets adopted by a creep who rapes her for years on end, finally finds happiness… and then gets hit by a car. That sucks.

All in all, I feel very conflicted about ef~a tale of melodies~, because while the artistry made me squeal with delight, and the stuff that was good was great, there was a lot that was bad in this show. I can’t say I can even recommend it, because the bad parts are just that painful to sit through. I just don’t even know what to say about this show.

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  1. issa-sa says:

    Yea, this installment of ef was a bit of a let down, though I can’t help thinking if I were to look past something within the show I could’ve gotten more out of it (but whatever that something is, I don’t know, and I’m probably making excuses for the show’s sake since I loved the first one). But really, stuff like the way Yuuko’s death was handled like you said kinda killed a lot of what the show had going for it -_-“

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