Vampire Knight Guilty Series Review


Ok, I held off on watching the last episode because I knew I was going to hate it.

The good news? I didn’t hate it completely – the scene between Yuuki and Zero actually worked admirably well. But there was so much else wrong with it.

I will admit first off that Studio Deen didn’t really have much of a choice on how to end it – by which I mean, it couldn’t go by the manga as the manga itself just recently got to a decent stopping place. So Studio Deen had to go the original end route. This I will admit was unavoidable. However, this fact doesn’t excuse the fact that they tossed the manga in the blender and added some original content throughout this season – events happened completely out of order, and other events were added for no apparent reason, while certain details were excised from the plot – why add in fluff like Ruka getting attacked by Rido when that essentially means you’ll have to cut important details like the Chairman’s relationship to with Yuuki’s mother later on? It just doesn’t make sense.

I was also annoyed because while in the manga Yuuki gets pretty awesome after becoming a vampire, and helps vanquish Rido by totally kicking his ass, here her role is seriously curtailed – in the end, it is Zero who ends up solely killing off Rido instead of it being a joint-effort (the Rido battle itself was seriously underwhelming in this animated incarnation). Overall, I find Yuuki’s anime persona to be fairly grating, as her character was flattened down to nearly one-dimension, and most of her stronger points were left out. The effect this had was so remarkable that it took a return to reading the manga for me to remember why I even bothered with the franchise in the first place.

Anyway, Studio Deen left the door open to possible sequels with their ending, but I don’t think there’s any chance I’ll check them out considering that there’s no way they could possibly integrate any of the manga from here on out. I’m not going to claim that the manga itself is a masterpiece, but it is a far bit better than this adaptation was. The only advantage I’d say the anime has over the manga is the presence of a solid soundtrack.

What a disappointment. The only thing that could’ve saved this was Mamiko Noto’s ass.

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