Shattered Angels License Rescue



Meh, assuming there is one.

Anyway, Funimation decided to pull a fast one on us, and has rescued the license for Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora, a.k.a. Shattered Angels, from ADV. Funi will be releasing it in boxset form on February 24th. And those of us who actually bought the first volume back when ADV owned the licensing rights can send our pictures in for Funi’s employees to laugh at in exchange for a $5 off coupon.

I had given up on ever seeing a full domestic release of this, so this comes as thrilling news. Other good news? If you pop over to Rightstuf’s website, you can get 40% off of the list price ($53.98) because they’re having a sale on Funi stuff. I mention this because I know there must be someone else out there like me who is completely unable to wait to buy a used set at a lower price point like me and will actually shell out money to get it right when it comes out – don’t worry, I know I’m a loser, so you don’t need to tell me that.

Anyway, Shattered Angels is based on a manga by the same manga-ka who did Kannadzuki no Miko, and actually features girls who are very much in love with each other and do not express said love through rape. The story itself, though, focuses on a girl named Kuu, who feels empty, as her name implies (‘kuu’ means ’empty, and is an alternate reading of ‘çİş’, which is more frequently read as ‘sora’, a.k.a. sky). But one day a guy who looks like the prince she’s dreamed of arrives in her school, and her world is completely upended. Its pretty much trash, but its very enjoyable trash.

Source: Okazu

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