Censorship: Hetalia – Axis Powers


Wait… how did something this blatantly moronic get censored?

Look, I get it – Koreans were mad because Korea was a seriously stereotyped and offensive character.

Except… that ignores that all the characters in this are seriously stereotyped and potentially offensive. Italy is portrayed as a brainless sop who loves pasta and leeches off of Germany. France is a bishounen who hangs around drinking wine and thoughtlessly opposing both America and Britain. America is brash, arrogant, and stupid (I’m beginning to sense a pattern). Japan’s a complete push-over. Latvia cries whenever Russia talks to him (the only thing that made honestly laugh out loud in the show so far). In fact, the only country that hasn’t really been negatively stereotyped thus far is Germany (I won’t be going into positive stereotyping here, as that generally only applies to Germany itself, and thus isn’t worth of discussion).

If the fact that the show itself is built on stereotypes isn’t enough, there’s the fact that it is a ragingly stupid exercise. Italy raises his hand and yells, “Pasta!” when asked his opinion on global warming – wait, that’s really the best you could come up with? I know you have five minute episodes based on a webcomic, but that really isn’t even all that funny… had he slipped on pasta and been prevented from answering, maybe I would’ve laughed, but that was just dumb.

Basically, the upshot of what I’m trying to say is that I feel like a lot of noise was made over something that is pretty forgettable and really doesn’t matter terribly much. I held my judgment until seeing a bit of the anime itself and forcing myself through some of the comic, hence my late commentary, but I’m not willing to commit to saying that that was a massive worth of effort – a whole lot of sound and fury signifying nothing. And, you know, if anyone I suppose could have any legitimacy in making a fuss over this (and this is still a stretch), you could maybe make the argument for Italians… except I’m pretty sure maybe about twenty-two and a half Italians are even aware of this (are we going to get a Silvio Berlusconi cameo? pretty please? I’d love to see him made fun of).

Anyway, the basic point remains – solid industrialized nations really shouldn’t be fussing around about total bits of idiocy such as this, especially when you consider how crappy the world economy is at the moment. And, hey, how do you think I feel? There’s no Ireland in this! Damn bitches, left the best part of the world out… and lord only knows they could’ve gotten a lot of mileage out of having an Ireland in this thing.

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4 Responses to Censorship: Hetalia – Axis Powers

  1. Son Gohan says:

    Here is an Italian guy who watches Hetalia.
    I don’t particularly mind the stereotyping if it’s made for the lulz but I have to agree with you that this series is dumb and not much funny at all.
    Koreans are a bunch of nationalists that can’t take a joke. The most ridiculous thing is that the “Korea” character isn’t even in the anime adaptation!

  2. Kirstina says:

    American here, and I quite enjoy the series, it makes me laugh pretty badly…Enough some times to make me stop breathing for a bit. You don’t need to take everything so seriously, that’s what the Koreans are doing, and you see how that’s going. Anime in general is made for entertainment, not scrutiny, so I make sure to enjoy it as much as I can.

    I’m not offended in the slightest by how America is portrayed, in fact, that’s pretty much exactly how Americans act. Stupid, bold, out-there…Yeah. They’re just stereotyping characters to how their people act…Stereotypes exist for a reason. If those people didn’t act that way, perhaps they wouldn’t be portrayed that way. Every country has their flaws and every country has its benefits. America is a leader, England has experience, Russia is mighty, etc.

    However, I find that this anime is the most hilarious one I’ve seen yet and I enjoy it completely. I love how America makes friends with the whales…I love how Italy’s love is pasta…I love how Holy Roman Empire doesn’t know that Chibitalia (Little Italy, Northern) is really a boy…I love how Germany can’t read Northern Italy…I love how Southern Italy acts…I love how Prussia is COMPLETELY barking mad…I love how Switzerland seems like he ONLY has guns…AND I love how positively happy but cruel Russia is. To me, it’s the perfect anime, and I can’t get enough of it.

    Oh yeah, by the way, I’ve never learned so much about history and geography than in this series. Up until 11th grade, apparently, I was horribly malnourished in such topics. I didn’t know places like Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Holland, Belgium, Thailand, and places like that even existed. Trust me, I’ve loved history throughout my school years and I was surprised to learn about all of these different people and countries. And now, I’m in 12th grade, taking World History…And I know more than the teacher. Not only that, but I can name off many countries, match flags to them, but also add on Hetalia characters and full names to the side. On top of all of that, I have HORRIBLE memory. I forgot my best friend’s name for a period of time. If I can get all of that down so easily from one anime…Trust me, it’s good.

    I can’t wait to see the 4th episode!

  3. Julia says:

    You have a very different opinion.personally I am addicted to the show and find it rather hilarious the way it is. Italy is not Moronic,and chibitalia is very cute beyond the explainable boundaries of cuteness. And if this is all some stupid prejudice against Japan, anime or them not putting ireland in that that is really shallow. If not though, you are entitled to your own opinion. I just love it though and it has a great sense of random humor. Oh and by the way, what would be so much funnier about Italy tripping over pasta? That’s just even dumber. No ofense.

  4. Julia says:

    Look after your chicks!!!!!!

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