Traipsing Through the Fan’s Lair


Welcome to my room, bitches.

You know, at one point I did make a conscious effort to not use profanity on this blog. But, the fact of the matter is, I’m foul-mouthed… so… yeah.

Anyway, I recently replaced my old camera after wavering on doing so for a while/saving up for a while. So… I felt that tempting, burning need to go take some pictures… but its been nasty and rainy here for days now, and while I enjoy outdoor photography, all my pairs of shoes do not. So I went the narcissistic route and thought I’d do a set of room pictures instead to post here and thereby stroke my ego for your enjoyment. So welcome to my college residence hall room.


So, we can start with my lovely desk, mini fridge, microwave, printer, and pile of recycling that I need to take out. My printer is completely and entirely useless, as it ceased to function properly sometime last semester. It’s a great paper-weight, though, so I don’t really mind. Just looking at my desk quickly from this distance doesn’t exactly reveal that I’m secretly an anime freak… although the figurine on the bottom shelf might indicate that I’m probably a complete and total geek.


Admittedly, my collection of manga at school is pretty thin… but To Terra… is pretty damn epic, so if I’m going to have anything, it better be that, huh? Angel Nest I got for $2 in a Borders bargain bin sometime last year, and I really like the first story in the collection (the rest of them are kind of weird and not to my tastes). In it, a woman comes home to find her husband with another, younger woman. They split… and the younger woman comes to live with the main character for a while. It sounds weird, but I’m quite fond of it. As for Aquarium, I’ve explicated on that that before. When it came down to it during packing time, these were the ones I absolutely had to bring (After School Nightmare probably would’ve made the cut if it didn’t have so many volumes).


I have to say, I find this set-up terribly, terribly amusing. Words cannot even describe how amusing. And it was entirely accidental – I didn’t want to put my regular Bible up on the shelf with my school books, and my New Testament/Psalms and Proverbs (Army-style!) was really too small to put up on the regular shelf, too. So… they ended up next to the latter three collections of Fullmetal Alchemist. I suddenly realized this the other day, and snorted like an idiot to myself.



Uh… so I could’ve fit all the DVD’s into one picture, but I didn’t realize I’d left a bunch out until after the first picture was taken and I’d put them all away. It was then that I went, “Wait, didn’t I bring a ton of my Battle Athletes Victory DVD’s with me?” Not pictured is the 7th volume, which is in my computer at the moment.

I have a weird assortment of DVD’s with me. Those Princess Tutu DVD’s are still tiding me over until I actually shell out for the boxset. And that Shattered Angels DVD may as well become a frisbee, since ADV epic failed on that one (ok, so Sojitz epic failed), and Funimation decided they felt like giving the finger to those of us who bought the first volume to release it as a boxset only since they didn’t see it selling terribly well (duh). Anyway, overall, its a weird selection, but it ended up being a lot of stuff I just happened to be watching prior to moving in. I took Air TV’s final volume along because I felt like making myself a miserable puddle of KyoAni-induced goo.


That is one of only three figures I own. Its not from anime, even if it does scream out that I happen to be a raging dork. I only included this picture because of the lucky cats. And the 25 mm shell casing (it comes from an AC-130 Spectre Gunship, in case you were wondering, although they are also used on the AV-8 Harrier – the weapon which fires it is the GAU-12 Equalizer). See? You learned something new today.

The little yellow and black thing is a plastic bumble bee I stole from a floor display of some children’s game that was being sold at the gift shop for Gettysburg National Military Park for some reason. The ‘for some reason’ part referring to it being sold at a national park located on the grounds of a battlefield – seriously, bumble bees? What the fuck does that have to do with the American Civil War? (Funny story – someone once called it the ‘War of Northern Aggression’ in conversation with me at a party. I punched him in the face. I was very drunk.)


This last one has nothing to do with anime or manga or anything Japanese. I just felt like sharing my collection of tiny horseshoe crabs with you. I love horseshoe crabs.

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6 Responses to Traipsing Through the Fan’s Lair

  1. omisyth says:


  2. If I was Harkness I’d be a bit bemused to be in that company, but then I’m not him.

  3. adaywithoutme says:

    @ omisyth – Hell yes.

    @ The Animanachronism – You recognized the dashing Captain Jack Harkness? I think I might have to swoon now. I know you’re British and all, but I’m still impressed nevertheless.

  4. I’m sorry to say I don’t actually watch Torchwood, but I think he’s a reasonably well-known character, especially among young, geeky people here. ‘[R]aging dork’ was a decent clue, since I guess the show’s not well-known in the US, and our television screens aren’t exactly bursting with long overcoats these days. So don’t feel obliged to swoon!

    Speaking of juxtapositioning, I like how the 25mm shell casing makes his handgun look really, really puny.

  5. adaywithoutme says:

    @ The Animanachronism – Alas, my swooning was for naught! Guess I’ll have to save it for pictures of Jack Harkness. And the show certainly isn’t well-known at all in the U.S. – I only know of one other person who follows it, and I only know of this person through a friend. Its too bad, I really like the show and Doctor Who.

    Yeah, the shell casing does make that snappy little revolver look silly. I just realized that my tiny little Army man who usually resides somewhere between the two fell behind my desk – the combined set-up of the three is even more amusing than simply Jack standing by the casing, as poor little Army man could fit inside the casing.

  6. Yamcha says:

    *Insert comment about Day having crabs*

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