Munto TV Half-Series Review


Yeah, so I’m definitely shipping the fainting girl with the butch girl.

Actually, I wanted to use this picture:


as my lead-in, since it shows off all that is ineffably awesome about the art in this series, but I also wanted to use an obnoxious verbal lead-in, so… I opted for being obnoxious and using a different cap. Go figure.

Anyway, I must admit I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with Munto TV (a.k.a. Sora o Miageru blah blah, etc.) – or, rather, a love-indifference relationship with it. Let me explain.

Munto TV has some really great stuff. I love the art direction, and I find the animation to be very pleasing in its love for pastels and in what I can only describe as its pleasant-ness. The art is extremely reminiscent of Shingu: Secret of the Stellar Wars (as could be expected, as KyoAni did work on that). The art here is very different from things such as Clannad or Kanon, but its really nice, and especially shines in scenes like the above (although, the reflection of the sky in the water does harken back to Air a bit).

As for the plot and content itself, this is where things get a bit tricky. Time spent with Yumemi, our heroine, and her friends passes smoothly, and is entertaining. And initially so is time spent in the other world with Munto, his compatriots, and his enemies. But this portion gets weighted down by around episode four or five as we are given some seriously, excruciatingly detailed exposition on the politics of the alternate world. I myself am a bit of a policy wonk, the sort who was thrilled by the political discussions in Tenpo Ibun Ayakashi Ayashi (that poor maligned thing) while everyone else was irritated about pacing… but I can’t help but get distracted during these scenes, and it makes me wonder how much its boring other viewers.

Munto TV also is lacklustre when it comes to action scenes. When these pop up, I find myself fiddling with my cellphone, or gazing out the window. It simply is not the show’s strong-point, which is fairly problematic when one considers that it makes up a huge chunk of the show.

And yet… I can’t quite kick Munto to the curb. I like Yumemi and her friends, although they themselves aren’t terribly fleshed out, and I enjoy the time spent with them. So I know I’ll keep watching even though I’m sure the battle and political scenes will bore me to death.

However, I’m pretty leery of the second half, since Yumemi ditches earth to save the day, leaving her friends behind. This promises more battles and more political babble. Crap.

Anyway, on a somewhat related note, I’m a loser and have been shipping Yumemi and her friend Ichiko since episode two or so – Ichiko going on constantly about wanting a boyfriend came across as very fake to me, to be honest. That Ichiko later blushed when a classmate commented on how much she cares about Yumemi in episode five only made me feel vindicated and smug. However, I doubt this’ll develop at all, since the ED seems to indicate Yumemi and Munto will end up in lurv. Blah.

So, I’ll keep watching, but I’m feeling a little less than enthused about the second half. Guess time’ll tell.

EDIT: By the way, amusingly enough, Ichiko is a total clone of Ichino from Battle Athletes Victory. But she’s still probably my favorite character regardless (Yumemi’s still pretty bland – actually, as an additional amusement, Yumemi looks a hell of a lot like Makoto from Kanon, and in episodes five and six she dons an outfit reminiscent of the real Makoto’s outfit when she rescues Yuuichi in the snow storm).

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  1. subs says:

    About those Mouryou no Hako subs you are waiting for…they are not coming. the only reason why that group is still going is because the leader won’t let it die. so it’s just going…slowly…slowly…I can tell you all the gory details and all the reasons why by email. Just email me at the email address I provided and I will tell you. I will also tell you how I know and how I am involved. I will tell you anything you want.

  2. nogizaka says:

    ^^commenter above sounds suspicious or was it just me -_-;;

    I’ve got to watch Munto right now…haven’t got someone to convince me yet~ *lazy mode*

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