Eleven Canon Couples I Cannot Support



I’m tired of these nambly-pambly posts about what anime/manga pairings people support. So, because I’m stuck here with a busted ankle and infected knee (thanks, Army), you can get ready for canon couples that make me wanna hurl and watch something violent, like Platoon. Or X/1999.


Sakura x Syaoran

I’d like to note that this is specific to CardCaptor Sakura, as opposed to Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles.

Blech, too much sugar. That really is my main issue with this – and it happens too easily. But, mainly, its the fact that its so candy-sweet and everything. Rots my freaking teeth out. Dammit, Clamp, I liked CCS, but this was a bit much for me – couldn’t you have at least retained some of your mopey emo-angstfest characteristics from X/1999, Tokyo Babylon, and the like? Or just straight-up made Sakura x Tomoyo canon? Fail.


Shizuma x Nagisa

NO!!! Why does the best friend always lose?! Anyway, I dislike this pairing because I dislike Shizuma, mainly. Also, Tamao treated Nagisa way better throughout the series than emo-fest Shizuma did. But, yeah… mainly its because I don’t like Shizuma. She started off by being a seductress, which is fine, but then she just turned into this massive roving piece of ‘woe is me’. If it weren’t for Amane, she’d easily be the worst character in the show.


Misaki x Akihiko

Akihiko is a massive, raging creep. All he ever does is coerce Misaki into sex and molest him. I’m sorry, that isn’t cute – its disturbing. And I was irritated that the anime version spent so much time on this obnoxious scenario.


Akari x Kris

Boo, Akari x Ichino every day over Akari and Kris; admittedly, this is more canon in the manga than it is in the anime, and I would say that it works in the manga (to an extent), but its absolute crap in the TV version. Kris comes across as utterly deranged for the most part in the TV incarnation, although I will admit this lessens as time passes. And Akari for her part comes off as fairly uninterested.But this would be another case where I largely don’t support because I’d rather slash the best friends.


Tomoyo x Tomoya

Yeah, so only canon in the one episode Tomoyo After special.

I’m not a huge Tomoyo fan – yeah, she’s ok, and, yeah, I love watching her kick Sunohara in the face, but I think she’s probably the weakest overall of the Clannad girls. Her character is fairly boring and really doesn’t do anything to stand out from a million others similar to her; quiet girl who can kick ass. I think she was called Mai in Kanon. I just find her to be pretty bland, and I don’t think Tomoya makes any remote sense with her – let’s be honest, at the end of the day, the visual novel was made for Nagisa x Tomoya.


Hayami x Takuma

Why ship when you can train?

(click here for the whole scene)


Sana x Nanaka

Sana was boring and tried to kill himself. Nanaka was a bitch, then crazy, and tried to kill herself. Sounds like a match made in heaven. It probably says something that my favorite couple of the show (Myself; Yourself) was the twincest couple. Sana was simply too dull and Nanaka too unlikable to be able to carry a show as the lead couple – even a show as crazy messed-up as Myself; Yourself (incest. murder. domestic violence. suicide. animal sacrifice. the list goes on and on…).


Chikane x Himeko

Because I don’t care what the justification is – rape cannot be equated with love. Go check them out in their Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora form if you’re looking for a real couple that isn’t demented… and doesn’t require that you think sexual harassment of any sort means the aggressor loves their victim.


Usagi x Mamoru

These two had pretty much zero chemistry in the anime version, and, honestly, the manga really wasn’t that much better. It seemed like the whole Silver Millenium back-history thing existed almost exclusively to give a logical reason for these two to be together, since, really, it didn’t make much sense otherwise. Its also a fairly boring couple; I rooted for Taiki when I watched SM Sailor Stars even though I knew it had no chance.


Karin x Kazune

Ladies, take note – true love means a guy will denigrate you and call you an idiot at every opportunity. Obviously. But since Karin’s first love was a reverse trap, guess she had to settle.

As an aside, I seem to have a thing against couples in series where their future children make an appearance.


Yuuki x Kaname

I really dislike Kaname – he treats Yuuki like she’s a child, and seems to regard her more as a doll he desires to own as opposed to a young woman he loves. His machinations behind the scenes and his intentionally keeping Yuuki in the dark about everything really grates on me; Yuuki’s an independent human being (err, vampire), she doesn’t need some guy acting as her handler. Kaname’s a control freak. It isn’t romantic, its irritating, domineering, and startlingingly regressive. Hence my supreme dislike for this canon coupling.

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20 Responses to Eleven Canon Couples I Cannot Support

  1. Baka-Raptor says:

    Well excuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuse me for being nambly-pambly.

    P.S.: You listed 11 couples.

  2. adaywithoutme says:

    @ Baka-Raptor – That’s because I kept adding them as I edited it for a while before posting it, so I kept changing the title… and of course forgot to on the final one before it published. Oops.

  3. Shin says:

    You just ruined my favorite childhood couple; Sakura and Shaoran ;-;

  4. hahaha, epic post, even though I don’t know a bunch of them. Agreed 100%, in fact knowing the best friend would loose is part of why I stopped watching SP!. The other part being because it sucked ass.

  5. Sorrow-kun says:

    All I’ll say about Sana and Nanaka is that they deserved each other. Happily ever after ending? Talk about defying suspension of disbelief.

  6. TheBigN says:

    That Best Friends shipping concept is very powerful, because I often feel the same way myself. 😛

  7. animemiz says:

    I can’t believe how many cannon couple you just threw off.. they do have to have that happy ending pairing there, so that there is a story line…it’s pretty cheesy, but romance and happily ever after does sell… hence the fandoms… >_<()

  8. nazarielle says:

    Is it bad that I only know three of these (one of them being Sailor Moon, lol)? I didn’t much like the Tomoyo/Tomoya dynamic either. When I watched it for the first time, about halfway through when things were going to hell I thought for a moment that they actually made an extra episode in order to condemn the Tomoyo/Tomoya ship.

  9. omisyth says:

    Ah, the infamous train scene. Makes me laugh every time because it was so retarded.

    Also, altough rape does not equal love…

    Orgasm = Love.

    There’s even a song about it.

  10. Kanti says:

    if u know, who are they in the first picture? thx..

  11. hibi says:

    omg whats this anime couple the 1st pic thats red hair with brown hair 1 omg i need to knoow!! pplllzz someone tellemme the first picti=ure of couples kissing who r they?!?!?

  12. angelee says:

    i actually agree with most of those you have a point

  13. Feliza says:

    Just a quick comment on the Yuuki X Kaname pairing:

    A la Edward and Bella. Right down to the control freak-treating like a child-regressive. Hahaha.

    Anyway. I wasn’t familiar with… most of the couples you put here, but you made some REALLY good points.

  14. kiara says:

    hey what anime is the first picture???
    i really would love to know!!!

  15. Rosebay17 says:

    Heya^^ Can I ask you something? You know for the first pic in this post? Yea, which anime is it from? I’m sorry if you hate the anime couple and stuff… But I really wanna know… So yea, please let me know kay? Thanks^^

  16. Nevermore CF says:

    can I ask something?the first pic in the post?which anime is it from??

  17. Sakura says:

    I’m not sure about the FIRST first pic with the graduating (?) couple kiss; but the one with the short brown haired girl with green eyes and boy with brown eyes/hair is CardCaptor Sakura.

  18. Tiffany Cheng says:

    Aww…. Syaoran x Sakura is my OTP and you don’t like it, well……….that’s too bad I just feel sorry for you. I always think that these two are so adorable together and I also like their relationship in the CCS.

    Anyways, we may don’t have the same opinion about certain pairings, but hey I am still cool with that. At least I can still try to respect and tolerate you opinion.

    As Syaoran x Sakura fan, I still respect and tolerate your opinion, it’s okay I am not angry about it.

    Usagi x Mamoru is also my another favorite and you don’t like it, okay I am fine with it and I still try to tolerate your opinion, I am not angry about it.

    At least though, Syaoran x Sakura and Usagi x Mamoru make way better couple than Bella x Edward in my opinion.

    Syaoran x Sakura relationship is also more realistic than Edward x Bella, they start off as rivals, slowly become friends, then they fell in love with each other gradually. While Edward x Bella relationship isn’t really realistic, they fell in love for the first sight without not much development.

    Syaoran is at least makes a way better boyfriend/love interest than Edward Cullen. Syaoran didn’t stare at Sakura when she falls asleep like what Edward did to Bella. Plus, Syaoran never did so many silly things like Edward Cullen. Syaoran is really nice, caring, and protective guy while Edward Cullen is a creepy stalker and a characterless guy.

    Sakura is at least also much better character than Bella Swan, because Sakura is braver and stronger than Bella Swan despite of her childishness and naivety. Plus, when Syaoran left her to Hong Kong, Sakura didn’t do silly thing like Bella i.e jumping to the cliff.

    Usagi x Mamoru relationship is also more realistic than Edward x Bella, at least Mamoru isn’t as abusive or characterless as Edward Cullen. While the both of them also have much healthier relationship than Edward x Bella. Usagi is also a better character than Bella Swan despite of her crybaby and childish tendency.

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