Anime That Made Me Cry


Screw you, Air.

Show: Air TV

How Many Times I Cried: two-ish

Explanation: I say two-ish because Misuzu croaked made me legit cry, whereas I merely teared up when Minagi’s sister/imaginary sister disappeared. But, come on, who didn’t cry when Misuzu died? While I sort of knew she had to die, KyoAni built it up to where I thought there was a chance she wouldn’t… and then tore my still-beating heart out of my chest and stomped all over it. Ouch.

Show: Clannad

How Many Times I Cried: one

Explanation: Ok, I haven’t watched all of After Story yet, otherwise that number would be something around 460.

Anyway, the only time I actually cried during the first season was when Fuuko’s spirit went off to heaven (too bad KyoAni had to go “jk! jk!” and fuck that one up later on…). It was a very emotional scene, and it came after a lot of build-up to the moment. I only wish athat ll the Clannad arcs had been as well-done as the Fuuko arc (gee, maybe KyoAni could’ve given us a full season instead of cheaping out at 22 or 23…).

Show: Kanon (2006)

How Many Times I Cried: twice?

Explanation: When Makoto croaked. And I know I teared up when little Yuuichi smacked little Nayuki’s hand after Ayu fell out of the tree. And I think I did when Yuuichi found Shiori’s note after she sent him away to get juice so she could leave and go into her future with head held high.

Show: Tactics

How Many Times I Cried: once

Explanation: Crap, here’s where it gets embarrassing… while I feel as if crying at KyoAni/Key shows is legit, given that 90% of the blogosphere more or less is proud of crying at those shows, I don’t think Tactics gets any of that legitimacy. But I pretty much cried my way through the entire twenty-fifth episode. In my defense, I watched this a few years ago, so… uh… actually that isn’t a good excuse either. I guess I’m just a loser for sad ghost girls in the… paranormal detective show.

Show: Ginban Kaleidoscope

How Many Times I Cried: once

Explanation: You know what? Shut up. I can’t help it that it was sad when Pete, the Canadian pilot ghost who was possessing the figure skater Japanese lead, finally got to go to heaven!

Show: Last Exile

How Many Times I Cried: once

Explanation: So, Delphine kills off Lucciola. You’d cry, too, if your ship was sunk by character death.

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3 Responses to Anime That Made Me Cry

  1. With Air, Kanon, and Clannad, I pretty much cry on schedule at the climax of each arc. It’s like clockwork, really. KyoAni-Key works always get me without fail. Plenty of other series I don’t want to spoil have gotten me at various points too.

    I like to say that I’m a guy who’s in touch with his emotions… and not just a big crybaby! Final note: I’m more likely to cry at something beautiful than something tragic.

  2. ETERNAL says:

    Lesson to be learned: if a girl asks you to get juice, don’t listen! I remember the opposite happened at the end of one of routes in ONE…damn Key >_>

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