Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood at a Glance


Guess who’s back…

First of all, I’d like to admit I didn’t watch Fullmetal Alchemist until last summer, so I feel a bit like I haven’t been as anticipatory of this as some have.

Anyway, this time around it seems that FMA will be fairly dark from the get-go; although there were certainly some deeper themes at work from the beginning of the first season, the larger picture of underlying corruption and ‘evil’ were not nearly so evident from the starting gate – here it seems fairly immediately evident that there exist some fairly important issues regarding the government and society in which our characters live.

That aside, I’m feeling relatively optimistic that we won’t be getting as much of an initial re-tread of the basic facts as I had been anticipating, although the show will still clearly be covering some old ground.

I must admit that this first episode felt a little uneven and frantic, although I think that may in part have been due to my own self as opposed to anything inherent in the show itself – I was feeling eager to watch it and a bit rushed in my desire to see how things would go.

I suppose my only real complaint thus far is to do with the OP – the animation and the music just didn’t seem to fit terribly well to me. The song was nice, and the animation was nice, but together it felt awkward.

On another note, I also felt a little let-down by the animation – to me the quality doesn’t seem vastly different from the earlier incarnation, which comes as a slight disappointment given that this is BONES we’re talking about – after seeing some of the more slick sequences in Soul Eater, I suppose I was expecting a bit more.

I’ve noticed a few people aren’t terribly happy about the casting change in Mustang’s voice from the first season to this, but I must admit I find Miki Shi’nichirou to be a better fit – Mustang’s supposed to be a bit of a ladykiller, but I always found this difficult to accept at face value since, to me, Mustang isn’t terribly attractive; Shi’nichirou’s voice fixes this a bit, as he does have a pretty debonair voice. And, by the end of the episode, I wasn’t picturing Yohji (Weiß Kreuz) any more! Lust also underwent a casting change, but I have to admit I can’t recall how she sounded the first time around, so… who cares!

Anyway, as an aside, I actually caved and watched this fansubbed, even though Funimation is going to have it streamed on their own website soon enough. But I watched it three times with different fansub groups, and I plan to watch the Funi sub – I’m curious to see the differences in translations. I’ll get back to you on that one, I’m sure.

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  1. Karry says:

    “Mustang’s supposed to be a bit of a ladykiller, but I always found this difficult to accept at face value since, to me, Mustang isn’t terribly attractive”

    Eh, do you know how much pussy Jack Nicholson gets ?
    And he’s downright ugly.

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