The Shadow in the Blogosphere


There’s a disturbing trend lurking in the anime blogosphere as of late…

Bloggers are getting married! Or are already married! And some even have joint blogs. What the hell is up with this junk? Everyone knows that REAL anime bloggers don’t need social lives, much less lifelong companions! We all have our figurines and DVD’s, so, really, there’s no need for that extra crapola of ‘relationships’.

Sadly, though, it seems some bloggers just don’t get this. We are in serious danger of being overtaken by this flood, and, before you know it, we might as well all just be the forum at, occasionally commenting on anime while dispensing such wise knowledge as the proper diaper brand or the best meal to cook our husband/wife/other when they get home from work. The anime blogosphere is only for those of us who actually have time for anime, and don’t have this other stuff cluttering up our schedule and distracting us from the stuff that’s really important, a.k.a. anime. Time we could be spending analyzing harem girl x’s underwear color instead gets wasted on the inanities of everyday life.

But, nooo, we have to have these folks threatening our grand society, merrily undermining the holy rights an responsibilities of the anime blogger. Its unfair to all bloggers, and our readers, too – does the anime fan really want to have to suffer the writings of the married person? Its common knowledge that anime fans don’t actually form real-life relationships, so it is completely and totally unfair to subject us normal folks to your weird deviations from the norm.

We as bloggers are obligated to do something before this whole thing gets out of control and poisons the entire well.

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17 Responses to The Shadow in the Blogosphere

  1. nazarielle says:

    Don’t fall for their lies! To the untrained eye, it may look like there’s a trend of actually having a life, but this is all a farce. Getting married? Having real world relationships? Ha! No anime blogger would be caught dead doing such things.

    No, indeed, this is the doings of a well learned troll. JPmeyer? Yeah, right. More like Hinano-tan’s masculine alternate personality.

    It takes a keen eye and a wealth of experience in the ways of the troll, but once you see the truth as I have seen it, you will worry no more. These are merely skilled trolls at work, trying to confuse and divide up anime bloggers so that they can conquer the aniblogosphere and rule the aniblogoverse! Beware, they are everywhere.


  2. Baka-Raptor says:

    I am married.

    To my website.

    And I am monogamous.

  3. Kairu Ishimaru says:

    Baka-Raptor, you got me there.

    I kind of agree. But I think they still have a little time for anime. Like me, I have lots of stuffs to do but I still have enough time for me to do some anime. But what the heck..

  4. Hinano says:

    Someone hasn’t seen Densha Otoko! 😆

  5. @Hinano: I LOVE DENSHA OTOKO!

    Anyway, why so serious about bloggers getting married? It happens. To a lesser extent they get into boyfriend girlfriend relationships. My childhood promise girl asked me out for coffee next week near a used bookshop in Rozelle. What’s more anime blogger than meeting up with your childhood promise girl?

  6. Shinn says:

    LOL this is the 2nd time i’ve seen this sort of thing today! It’s weird I’ve never heard of it before! Married life vs the anime….hmmm…right now I’ll stick to my anime XD

  7. ghostlightning says:

    Was married before making an anime blog. Anime blog will destroy our marriage. You win.

  8. usagijen says:

    You forgot to mention Impz!! He’ll be married to 13sugars before we know it! XD

  9. miz says:

    (shrugs) If joint bloggers get married, would definitely put a downturn to their blogging, then there is a problem, but if it doesn’t impact then it wouldn’t be an issue. I find it actually quite sweet…. but I do question the relationship, if it doesn’t expand anything past anime blogging. There is a big world out there.. so blogging is blogging, and anime blogging..that’s a thing of its own genre.

  10. TheBigN says:

    “We as bloggers are obligated to do something before this whole thing gets out of control and poisons the entire well.”

    So what do we do? 😛

  11. Yamcha says:

    This entire rant reeks of sarcasm. Or does it? Yeah, it does. Someone sounds bitter.

  12. omisyth says:

    Screw happiness, commitment and satisfaction. I JUST NEEDS ME ND MAH ANIMUS.

  13. adaywithoutme says:

    Wow, looks like I should troll away at the blogosphere itself more often, huh?

    @ nazarielle – Well, if it just trolling, then we’re safe… but I fear it is something far, far more dastardly.

    @ Baka-Raptor – Why does that not come as a shock to me? I personally prefer polygamy, though – although sometimes my lesser blogs bitch and whine about me not paying them any attention. I don’t care what they say about four spouses being best, just makes a massive racket from hell.

    @ Kairu Ishimaru – Satire. I has it.

    @ Hinano – Oh, shush, everyone knows that watching Densha Otoko is enough without actually going out and trying to be like him!

    @ Asperger’s Anime Blog – I don’t know, does she have amnesia? A trademark cute noise? A tendency to trip on air?

    @ Shinn – Marry your anime.

    @ ghostlightning – Ohoho~ and you have yet to see the full-on ambush yet.

    @ uasgijen – Shit, we’re gonna have to get reinforcements!

    @ miz – Uh, what I said to Kairu.

    @ TheBigN – First, we build a super-secret fortress. Then all of us normal fans get together and plot super-secret biznes.

    @ Yamcha – Actually, amusingly enough, the guy I’ve been seeing walked into my room yesterday, looked at my shelf and said, “Oh, you watch Fullmetal Alchemist?” I somehow managed to not go full loser anime fan mode on him, though, even though I was tempted to.

    @ omisyth – AGREED.

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  17. sakura says:

    lol, omg! if they get msrried omg1 what will they name their kids? o.0 taylor, and kevin orrrr
    naruto, sakura, ino, ect…or even zero, and stuff!! or ren!!! omg! that’d be so cool to name thier kids after anime!!!!!! kikyo, kyo, ect :]

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