Valkyria Chronicles at a Glance



Oh, crap, looks like I’ve caught that deadly thing that’s going around the blogosphere…

Well, anyway, this season’s actually shaping up to be fairly solid, as this is the fourth show I’ve really enjoyed, and the second show in a row that has shocked me by being MUCH MUCH better than I had been even remotely anticipating. I’m fairly allergic to shows based on games (unless its KyoAni trying to kill me inherent GAR-ness via Key adaptations), so I thought I’d hate this just as much as all the others. Wrong!

Valkyria Chronicles has some really kick-ass females, particularly the lead (I’ll ignore the existence of her lame fainting friend), and I can’t help but say it sure is a relief given how much of dearth there seems to have been of those as of late (yeah, yeah, I liked the girls in Toradora, but they didn’t shoot stuff, ok?). Alicia is competent, can fire a weapon well, and is cute. Isara can also fire a weapon well, and is quite resourceful. Meanwhile, Wilkem, who appears to be our male lead, is fairly spacey, but cheerfully endearing – although it seems very lucky for him that he’s going to be around two young ladies who know how to defend against enemies given that he himself is too busy dreaming about drawing trout.

The animation here was pretty nice, and there were a few impressive pans and transitions to be had. My only nitpick is one you’ve already heard a thousand times before – the shadows look really bizarre. I’m hoping maybe they’ll phase this out in a few episodes if feedback on that point is bad.

I’m kind of thrilled, frankly. I just hope this doesn’t end up falling prey to all the pitfalls other video game adaptations I’ve seen before have. I’m also hoping we get to see some of those sweet fake-o Norse runes we saw during the introduction again – Engrish is fine, but Noosu? Beyond epic.

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6 Responses to Valkyria Chronicles at a Glance

  1. nazarielle says:

    Oh, crap, looks like I’ve caught that deadly thing that’s going around the blogosphere…


  2. Yamcha says:

    Hey, I thought you said you weren’t gonna watch this. Liar~

  3. Baka-Raptor says:

    I hear the girls of Queen’s Blade can kick some serious ass.

  4. Shin says:


  5. karurosop says:

    hmm..i liked the shadows , i think it’s creative and gave a nice look on the characters

  6. adaywithoutme says:

    @ nazarielle – Don’t worry, I lit myself on fire to counteract it.

    @ Yamcha – I knowww, but a lot of people really liked it, so I figured I’d give it a chance.

    @ Baka-Raptor – I like my warriors a little more realistically clothed. I also like modern weaponry like guns and tanks.

    @ Shin – Very.

    @ karurosop – Well, to me it just came off as a little weird and made the video game origins pretty obvious, but I guess some people liked it.

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