07-Ghost at a Glance


Proof that 07-Ghost is all about teh buttsehks.

Seriously, folks, he’s got a steeple jammed up his ass – what more do you need?

07-Ghost is to loser BL fans as shows like Venus Versus Virus are to loser yuri fans – which is to say that the creators are trying to make us sad, pathetic souls see a glimmer of homo-hope so that we watch the entire thing in search of what actually really isn’t there, and then angrily defend it when other people point out our possibly fallacious beliefs on the matter. Which is exactly why I even bothered with this.

Honestly, 07-Ghost really isn’t bad, so the hope springs eternal yearning for BL isn’t what is going to solely keep me on board, although it definitely is a motivating factor. It started off solidly enough to make me want to watch the next few episodes to figure out what’s going on, so that’s certainly a plus in its favor. It doesn’t have me excited like some of the shows this season, but I’m still pretty satisfied.

Some people have complained that this is confusing if you haven’t read the manga, but I’m not seeing that at all – I have never even so much as seen a physical copy of the manga, let alone read it, and I find it to be fairly straightforward thus far. Yes, there are quite a few things unanswered, but no more than in any other show of this type – and, let’s be honest, most anime don’t step right up and tell you everything from the get-go, anyway.

I do hope that our lead, Teito, though, is going to get a bit less bland, as right now he is vastly out-stripped in terms of development by his bed buddy bestest friend in the world, who doesn’t seem like he’ll really be featuring much in the show as it proceeds. My only other criticisms are limited to how schlocky some of the moments are – I laughed aloud a few times at things which clearly were not intended to be laughing matters because they were just so over-the-top. And, ok, other than the steeple-up-the-ass moment, the OP is pretty lame.

Anyway, the up-shot of all is this: it was a fairly decent first episode, enough to get me to stay tuned, and if you’re a pathetic BL fan like me, you’ll want to hop aboard anyway. Even if you’re not into BL, it can stand on its own merits.

(Speaking of BL, I was fairly surprised to discover that Mikage’s voice actor is the same guy who voiced Kumohira-sensei in Nabari no Ou; Teito is voiced by the voice actor who did Yoite, which makes perfect sense, since Yoite was also pretty quiet and somewhat self-absorbed)

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3 Responses to 07-Ghost at a Glance

  1. saturnity says:

    Odd little coincidence. My older sister recommended this series to me ’cause she’s a huge fan of the manga. Didn’t really strike a chord with me, but I trust my sister. And now I’ll never be able to unthink Teito being sodomized by the steeple whenever the OP plays.

    Thanks a lot.

  2. adaywithoutme says:

    @ saturnity – I do my absolute best to ensure that people get the right experience when they watch anime =D

  3. Naomi says:

    I Knew It!
    When I found this manga BL and a story with it was all I was looking for but could right away tell that there was not going to be any here.

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