Asura Cryin’ at a Glance


More like ‘Asura WTF did you put in my coffee before I directed this’.

Asura Cryin’ is best described as disorienting, at least for now – there are too many plot elements floating around, leaving the viewer with and honest mess to wade through. Its not that I disliked it – I just felt utterly bewildered by it. I also felt seriously mislead by all the blurbs I read about it prior to watching it, since most of the little descriptions on sites like Anime News Network didn’t mention half the crap that ended up popping up.

I think I’m ultimately kind of disappointed – I thought this was going to be more serious, slice-of-life-y than it is. The ghost girl was purported to be a childhood friend (sort of an old trope, but looked like a good spin on it), which had my interest piqued a little bit, but if they mentioned it in the first episode, I missed it.

Oh well. I guess I’ll stick around another episode or two and see if the confusion dies down a little, although I’m not feeling terribly confident about that happening.

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2 Responses to Asura Cryin’ at a Glance

  1. I may have been slightly better-prepared for Asura Cryin’ to not be particularly slice-of-life-ey since I first got wind of it on /m/, where the angle was ‘So which spring anime have robots?’ I was still disorientated by the vast number of ideas it’s juggling, though.

    Still, I’m cautiously optimistic precisely because of that vast number: some of those ideas ought to come good.

  2. adaywithoutme says:

    @ The Animanachronism – I’m leery because I feel like, generally, when there are a ton of elements crammed in you are more likely to end up with them adding up to less than the sum of the parts. Episode two didn’t really inspire me much, either.

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