No One Cares!: Anime in the Queue


Points for my most honest post title ever.

Ok, ok, so its anime that is both in the queue and actually being watched right now. But whatever it is, its still a purely self-absorbed thing on my part to make a post out of it. But having a blog of any sort in and of itself is a fairly vain act, as it supposes that what one has to say about something is worthy of being read by others. So I may as well simply further that act by doing posts like this in which I tell you about crap you don’t care about.

Currently Watching

  • Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae – I’m eagerly awaiting the subs of the final few episodes, and hoping they leave the door open for a fourth series (and somewhat curious as to what they’d designate that series as if it ever happens). Watching this also tempts me to go buy the first season, since Funi released it and its mainly in bargain bins now.
  • Fullmetal Alchemist – The original series, not the new one. I’m actually not re-watching the entire thing, though, I’m going from about the two-thirds point or so, as I simply felt like re-viewing it. I also recently ordered the movie, so I’d like to have some reminders of occurrences prior to watching that.
  • Axis Powers Hetalia – This show is so weird. Half the reason I watch it, I’m sure, is due entirely to its seriously short length – three minutes apiece? I can do that. The deranged ‘fuck’ box thing kind of made it all worth it, though.
  • Gundam X – I started re-watching this and realized I actually never finished it the first time I watched it, much to my dismay (in my defense, I first watched part of it three years ago). I’ve been claiming its one of my favorite Gundam series for a while (along with Turn A Gundam), so I’m embarrassed now to admit I didn’t actually see the final eight episodes of it. Whoops.
  • Himitsu~The Revelation~ – This came out last spring, but has been an extremely slow fansub job, hence the fact that I started it back then and am still only through sixteen episodes. I’m just glad they started subbing it again, though, as it looked for a while like there was absolutely no hope of it getting finished.
  • Chi’s Sweet Home – I’ve re-watched the first twenty-five or so episodes of this around three times, but never quite gotten past them; I’ve now dedicated myself to getting it all watched so I can watch the new season.

Just Started

  • Valkyria Chronicles
  • 07-Ghost
  • Pandora Hearts
  • Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

    Currently Stalled

    • Battle Athletes Victory – I’m stalled on this one currently at episode seventeen, having powered through the first fifteen during my winter break and then been totally deprived of time/inundated with new shows. This is my first re-watch of the show, having originally seen it when I was twelve years old, and its been a bit of an eye-opener – there’s a lot of racial stereotyping that I don’t think could get into a TV broadcast these days. I’ve probably been avoiding finishing it because it had one of the worst endings for an anime ever…
    • Clannad~After Story~ – Another one I’m stalled on, although in this case because I know it’ll make me cry like a baby. I’ll probably force myself to watch it to-morrow, though, so I can knock it out in one go – I know I’ll like it once I get myself watching it, but its hard to build oneself up to watching stuff this depressing.
    • Kuroshitsuji – I’ve watched twenty-three episodes of this, but I’ve just yet to finish it. It hasn’t been particularly good, so I’m not really excited to see the end… this was a combo of the source material not being so hot at points, and the fact that it just was a really crappy adaptation at points – ideally, they should’ve kept it to thirteen episodes and gotten rid of the original manga’s crappy portions, but instead they sort of added to the crappy portions/retained them. I feel like I should finish it since I’ve gotten so far already, but I just can’t motivate myself.
    • Kaiji – I just sort of watch this when I’m bored. Manly tears are awesome, but everything is just so dragged out.
    • Munto TV – I keep meaning to finish it, but Yumemi’s pretty boring, and I’m stuck at the point where she gets spirited off to Munto’s world and leaves behind characters who are actually interesting.
    • Mouryou no Hako – STILL WAITING FOR THOSE SUBS!!! I’ve probably watched the eight episodes three times each, all the while vainly hoping that someone cares enough to finish the job.
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    1. miz says:

      Oooh.. I am waiting until the end of Chii’s Sweet Home Season 2 to see the entire thing..

    2. miz says:

      Oh and it’s not about caring.. watching anime is something to be done individualistically and probably go on a rampage to convert others… if you liked the series that much. Honestly I am watching some of the things you’re watching… Spring 09 series are a bit iffy thing now though for me tho.

    3. Anime Series says:

      Great Postwhy i cant subscribe to your feed? Thanks

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