Eden of the East at a Glance



Great song, by the way.

Eden of the East stands out from any other show this season simply by dint of being completely different from anything both this season and any season I’ve seen before, something which certainly owes a quite a bit to the bizarre premise – Japanese girl meets Japanese guy in Washington, D.C…. and he’s naked. And carrying a gun. And has amnesia. And at least four passports. And, yeah, I guess parts of that don’t make it completely original in a general sense (although I do think it stays fairly original in the realm of anime), but the creators know enough to make a clever winking reference to the audience to acknowledge that fact.

I was impressed by the faithfulness they took with the set designs – the fence surrounding the Washington Monument area? Yep, seen those a lot. The jersey barriers were also legit. D.C. (by which I mean what the average American visualizes when they think of D.C.) of the current day isn’t that pretty, sadly, and they stuck to that fact even if it wasn’t too terribly aesthetically pleasing. Even Dulles was dead-on; I actually spent about five hours in the terminal they showed this past January when a flight of mine was delayed, and even the shop stand they showed was true to life.

One of the things I find interesting about the set-up, though, is the premise of nuclear threats – missiles land on Tokyo at the end of the episode. Currently, there’s quite a bit of fear in Japan about nuclear missiles, given the recent North Korean missile tests and posturing on the issue. For Americans, the paranoia of the Cold War era is largely either a distant memory or something they’ve only heard about in history class; its hard for us to understand. However, its something which has lurked at the back of political discourse in Japan for a while, periodically re-surfacing when North Korea has decided to make a show of force. The missile North Korea tried out last month went twice as far as any before it. I’d say Eden of the East has some potential for some intriguing commentary, and I look forward to seeing how it plays out.

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3 Responses to Eden of the East at a Glance

  1. ghostlightning says:

    Yes, very interesting potential for commentary. You know what I’m interested in seeing, a funny show that’s serious about depicting the craziness of the current financial crisis. Something like ‘The Office’ but more funny than just merely awkward, and wholly in the spirit of LOLFed.

  2. adaywithoutme says:

    I love LOLFed!

    As for seeing a funny show depicting the financial crisis… well, while on the one hand anime would seem a somewhat apt medium considering the sheer variety of shows and the willingness of directors to use the business world as a setting (Hataraki Man, Salaryman Kintarou, etc.), I just get the feeling that we won’t be seeing any such thing any time soon – terrorism is a current serious issue like the financial crisis, but it has a bit more excitement inherent in it, giving it a leg up. I would certainly enjoy seeing the financial crisis get poked at, but I’d be surprised if it did. I think perhaps it is simply too immediate at the moment.

  3. ghostlightning says:

    I think the treatment we’re looking for in our LOLFed animu is satire/homage route.

    You make caricatures of (as examples)

    insurance/reinsurance guy
    consumer credit everyperson

    using anime character archetypes:

    super robot pilot
    emo teen pilot
    moeblob dojikko
    eroge otaku
    evil overlord

    So if you mix and match them you can get:

    consumer credit every man with 2 mortgages on his house bought during the bubble dreaming of world domination (evil overlord) financed by his credit cards…

    dojikko moeblob insurance broker reinsuring complex derivatives and faceplanting/mixing the actuarial math up…

    hot-blooded super robot pilot federal reserve guy piercing the heavens and kicking reason to the curb by reducing interest rates below zero…

    complex derivatives otaku who faps to mortgage backed security by-products…

    emo teen pilot bank ceo who keeps telling himself that ‘he musn’t run away’ because he’s too big to fail…

    …you get the picture.

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