Love Selection Episode One Review


Lulz, hentai.

Let me just preface this by saying that Love Selection is the best hentai I’ve seen in a while. And by best, I mean it was absolutely absurd and total crap… which is what I like in hentai, since, really, the stuff that’s all srs bznes is the stuff that’s just kind of mediocre and lame. The more outlandish, the better!

The first scene of Love Selection is a straight-up sex scene, with the three girls having sex with different guys in their class. One actually is jerking off one, sucking off another, and getting screwed by the third – talented, yes. This scene ends with one of the guys fingering one of the girls, going down on the second, and screwing the third. Good to know the folks in these series are good at multi-tasking!

Well, we slip back in time, since, well, how the hell did they get like this? So we watch the boys watching the girls during things like gym, and one of the girls, Nemoto, getting irritated with them over it. There’s even a great scene where all the guys get hard-ons while in bathing suits during swim lessons. It was a moment of pure win.

Well, one day after school, Nemoto remarks that they’re the only girls left in the class who’re virgins, and, wow, that sucks. So she’s convinced a few of the guys to stay after school so she can laid, and then coerces her somewhat reluctant friend, Ami, into agreeing to stay, because nothing says friends like having sex in the same room. Their third friend, Nao, also wants in, so she stays, too.

The three girls stand up and have the guys line up, and then they choose which guys. Nao admits she’s not a virgin, because she’s had sex with her brother, but the guys don’t seem terribly bothered by this. But, well, obviously that happens in Japan ALL THE TIME, so no shock there. Anyway, two of the guys start messing around with Nao, and she says she’s ok with more than one at a time. The guys who don’t get picked just get to watch.

So it starts off with oral (or, in Nao’s case, oral and a hand-job), and then progresses into plain old vaginal sex (or, again, in the case of Nao, vaginal and anal sex). The girls make a lot of noise, especially Ami, who starts moaning when our male lead, Akiha (I think?), touches her nipples. Anyway, Akiha has the hots for Ami, and she has the hots for him, and since this is not a sweet romance anime, they go about getting together as a couple in the Biblical sense first, and then figure out the whole dating thing after.

Maybe the best thing in this all, though, is the fact that both Nao and Nemoto manage to make their guys pass out. Its hilarious – they just kind of keel over backwards and they go cross-eyed or shut their eyes. So, of course, they all end up on Akiha, although Nemoto gets in some really random yuri action first (she kisses Ami and rubs her boobs against hers). Akiha obliges by continuing to fuck Ami, starts fingering Nemoto, and goes down on Nao. Good job! Most guys are too incompetent for such a feat.

So, sex scene ends, and Akiha and Ami decide to go out together… but Nemoto apparently has to be allowed to screw Akiha sometimes – but *only* as long as its not a secret when she is. Nao randomly horns in on the conversation by trying to take Akiha’s penis out (they’re on a baseball diamond, for some reason), and Ami proclaims loudly she’s not so sure about the arrangement any more. And so it ends.

This thing was hilarious, and it actually made the smart move of just basically sticking to sex scenes instead of trying to make much of a plot – of the thirty-minute or so run-time, about twenty-four minutes is sex. Some hentai makes the sad attempt at having a plot, which almost always sucks, so this was a good move on their part.

Anyway, I giggled most of the way through it, which to me is a good thing as far as hentai goes, since lord knows I don’t bother watching this shit to get my rocks off. The only thing that could’ve made it better was if it the entire cast was male, but, hey, so it goes.

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4 Responses to Love Selection Episode One Review

  1. Shin says:

    Another case of the manga version being superior to the anime adaptation, I suppose. That said, while I’m still sore that the characters hardly look like Gunma’s original work, it’s still pretty hot in its own right, especially when the tsun tsun Akiha was about to get bonked for the first time by the nerdy guy (´∀`)

  2. adaywithoutme says:

    But you were hoping it was Akiha, huh?

  3. Shin says:

    That would be nice, though I really was just thinking of Tsukihime’s Akiha when I typed that out.

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