Spring Assessment


Actually, random moeblob from K-ON!, a lot of shows this season kind of make me feel that way, too.

Actually, I haven’t seen K-ON! Although the girls are quite cute, nothing about the premise excites me in the slightest, and I’ve never been a big fan of KyoAni’s non-Key efforts – Munto TV got really dull halfway through, Lucky Star just didn’t do anything for me, and I HATED Haruhi since the leading lady herself to me was so completely repulsive.

Anyway, we’re only about four weeks or so into the new season. But, hey, nothing says ‘analysis’ like snap judgements!

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood – I’m seriously disappointed by this thus far. Liore felt like a complete rush job (also, was I the only person peeved by Rose’s change in character design?), and the Shou Tucker and Nina story didn’t really feel much better. I get that they don’t want to linger too much on things a lot of viewers have already seen, but that’s still no excuse for such hastily executed stories. Really hope this gets better… I know its very early on, so I haven’t given up hope yet.

07-Ghost – Blah, this thing is so freaking bland. And some of the stuff that’s happened has just made me snort with laughter, which I KNOW wasn’t the intended reaction. Some people are flapping around saying the manga is much better, but manga-fans always do that, so I’m not too sure. The only reason I haven’t dropped it yet is because I’m shallow enough to still be hoping for some implied BL.

Pandora Hearts – The sleeper hit of the season! Lot of people hate the animation, since it does look like it was done in the late 90’s, but I personally kind of love that effect – makes me feel all nostalgic and shit. This sounded kind of generic going in, but then we got hit upside the head with all that horror-fantasy imagery and it was fairly impressive. Although searching for Alice’s memories sounds a little cliche, I’m willing to stay along for the ride given how good its been so far.

Eden of the East – Awesome. Really, really awesome. Come on, like you couldn’t have heard eighty-thousand other bloggers say exactly the same thing?

Valkyria Chronicles – My military training is wrecking my ability to enjoy this… which is really too bad, since Alicia is pretty cool.

Hatsukoi Limited – For some reason I thought this was harem going in – whoops. Its ok, episode two was a bit tedious due to the fanservice quotient, but it reminds me enough of Kita e~Diamond Dust Drops~ for me to get over that.


Shangri-la – Err… I kind of just stopped watching this for really no reason other than it just didn’t compel me that much to keep watching. I might catch up on it in a few weeks when I have some time, but I’m not on fire about it.

Anyway, I’m in exams week, so you’ll have to deal with half-assed junk like this for a little while. When that is finished, I might run some more with the male blogger BL light novel thing I was asshatting around with last week, since so many of them seem to like it so much… like I said, though, they kind of slash themselves.

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  1. Shin says:

    With that military training, I would have assumed that you would critique the show the same way Crusade would. I’ve been assured by several manga readers on FMA, so I’m not as disappointed just yet. Agreed on Rose, I miss my tanned gypsy girl wwww

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