Fun-Robin: My Life is Like an Anime Because…


Enough of round-robins – let’s have a fun-robin!

Round-robins have engendered a bit of DORAMA in the aniblogosphere… but they’ve had fun aspects too! So I figured, what better way to deal with that fact than by creating a new thing – the fun-robin. Sounds like its waaaay better than a round-robin, huh? I mean, who the hell likes round birds anyway? I’d kind of wonder what the hell was wrong with the bird, quite frankly, if it was round. Aren’t birds supposed to be bird-shaped?


Ever feel like your life resembles an anime? Ever wondered if the next time you wake up you might find yourself sleeping in a mecha’s cockpit? Or that next time you go to school your childhood friend, the hot girl in class, the shy girl in class, and the class president will all want you badly? Or that on your way home a magical creature will decide to follow you and give you a magical locket?

I’m sure we’ve all been there… I remember still fervently hoping at age thirteen that Luna would come tell me I was a sailor senshi, since she didn’t tell Usagi until she was fourteen, so there was still time! But, even for times we’ve yearned for an escape into the 2D world, has there ever been any actual indication that such a thing could be so?

Everywhere I go these days, a cloud of flower petals seems to burst from nowhere. So, either its spring… or I’m a bishounen and I never even knew it! I think we know which is the likely explanation here!

However, at the same time, I am routinely mistaken for a middle-schooler, despite being in my third year of college, so it seems I’m also a loli. So I could probably fit into a KeyAni anime, as the young-looking member of the would-be harem. That I have a cute trademark noise helps make my case, too! And I had that before seeing any of those shows only strengthens the case! I have a weird hobby, too (I collect alarm clocks).

So, thus far, I am a bishounen loli who could fit into a harem show.

But I’m also living the shoujo romcom, as everyone likes everyone else, building up love polygons fit to rival Marmalade Boy. And the other night, I had a visit from a dear friend; not two minutes after they departed, it started pouring! So I chased after them with an umbrella, didn’t even bother to put my shoes on. And I searched for them, but, alas, failed to find them. As I was about to re-cross the street, all bummed out and telling myself off for being a moron, I looked up from the ground and saw them standing on the other side of the street using a newspaper to shelter their head. I rescued them from the rain and got a good-bye kiss (they’re transferring)! If that isn’t straight out of a shoujo anime, I don’t know what is…

All of which begs the question – does anime resemble life… or does life resemble anime?!?!?!

Tag, you’re it.

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4 Responses to Fun-Robin: My Life is Like an Anime Because…

  1. Baka-Raptor says:

    I am such a dojikko.

  2. digitalboy says:

    ROFLMAO at baka-raptor right after I’d read that post. Lovely.

    Yay for the fun-robin! I’ll do a post to, but on aniverse.

  3. ETERNAL says:

    There’s a girl in my school that wears a hair ribbon and used to have a Japanese backpack (those funny-looking red ones), and I think she’s a transfer student/immigrant. On the downside, real life lacks save files and decision points ;_;

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