Anime Boston Day One


Guess which panel I went to.

Hint: it starts with a ‘Girls Guide to’ and ends with a ‘Hentai’ (and has the subtitle ‘How I learned to stop worrying and love the tentacle’).

So, went to the first day of Anime Boston, and had those fleeting feelings of bliss for about the first half-hour of my having entered the building (I got my pass last night since I pre-registered, so no nasty lines this morning). And, actually, shockingly enough, overall there was very little of the usual con irritants, a.k.a. obnoxious fans. I ran into a few, but there was very little yaoi paddle smacking or glomping of strangers, so I didn’t feel too embarrassed to be an anime fan.

I actually missed the first panel that I meant to go to, Crossplay 101, as the red line for the T (MBTA subway thing) had some issues and I was stuck sitting at a station for a while that was far, far from the con. I also almost missed the green line car when I transferred because the woman in front of me was walking so slowly! So I did what any smart person does and stuck my leg in the door as it was closing, ensuring that they couldn’t leave sans my presence.

Because I am familiar with Boston, I got off at Copley Station and walked down Boylston instead of hopping off at Hynes – if you ever go to Anime Boston, this is much easier, especially as you will NEVER find the convention center from the Hynes stop if you don’t already know where the convention center is! Another tip for the con: don’t eat there. You can get to Boston Common fairly easily, and there should be lots of much cheaper vendors there than you’ll find in the convention center. The food is also bound to be quite a bit fresher.

Because I missed the panel I was going to hit up, I wandered around killing time until the dealers’ room opened. There was good cosplay, there was bad cosplay… and there was also some epic cosplay, like the guy in an Ouran uniform who had a Hello Kitty head:


In a world where everyone cosplays as the same three characters, you’ve made a difference…

Actually, the cosplay scene wasn’t that bad, as I surprisingly didn’t see too much repetition, perhaps with the exception of Code Geass (the C.C. cosplayer with the Pizza Hut bag, though? good job). I was shocked to not see too many Naruto ninjas running around, pleasantly so. And I’m pretty sure there’s apparently a rule somewhere that says ALL Princess Peach cosplayers MUST be male.

There were also quite a few Team Rocket folks running around:


When I say ‘quite a few’, though, I don’t mean in the same bulk as the Code Geass folks – just more than I would’ve expected. And if there had been a ton of them? Who cares – its Team fucking Rocket.

I met up with a few of my friends and drifted into the dealers’ room, at which point we promptly split up (oops). I suppose my only real critique of the dealers’ room is that I would’ve appreciated more booths selling DVD’s. Oh… and that less of them sold freaking cat ears – couldn’t swing a dead cat around without hitting some sparkly cat ears for sale! Aren’t they a little passe at this point? But maybe only amongst loser-snobs like me.

Most of the booths were either independent businesses or stores, which basically split down to the businesses selling cosplay stuff and the stores selling anime, manga, figurines, or games (actually, not many had games). There was also the usual slew of merchandise, and I’ll have to admit I almost caved and bought an Ayu figure, before punching myself to make me remember that I don’t have the necessary mad skillz to suss out fakes… uguu~

The only two licensors that had booths were Funimation and Media Blasters. Funi had a very, very slick booth – flat-screen TV’s showing promos on loop, free postcards, racks of DVD sets (all of which proudly proclaimed ‘sale!’ and were marked down modestly), and even cosplayers dressed up as the characters from Romeo x Juliet (which, based on what I could see, is going to be the next show Funi’s going to heavily promote out of all the horses in its race). However, their customer service left a bit to be desired… I stood for about ten minutes trying to get the attention of one of the booth attendants before they finally realized I was there.

Media Blasters, on the other hand, had a much lower-key booth – basically, just a few long tables with all their DVD’s laid out flat with plastic sheeting over the tops of them (to prevent the little ones from grabbing ahold of all the hentai). It was simple, and it worked perfectly. It also had this:


I liked their booth better =)

After totally exhausting my money supply (uguu~), I went home, and then returned with some stuff for the swap meet, or whatever the hell they call it. I was unable to off-load my Stellvia set, but I did manage to get rid of Aishiteruze Baby volume one, and the first volume of Shattered Angels. Unfortunately, there was a giant ass-hole in the back who brought enough stuff to cover two tables, and then when I inquired he said he was only looking to sell stuff. I reported him immediately =D

Then I was back to killing time again; Shattered Angels was showing in one of the rooms nearby, but I ended up reading manga for a while in one of the hallways, before running into my friend Orte. He was on his way to a scene-filming, as a mutual friend of ours is an aspiring film-maker (legit, too, not like the ‘films’ you made in high school) and was shooting scenes at the con. They were going off to the Black Orchid Ball after, which was the fancy dress event this evening, but I was in shorts and a tank-top, so I declined…

And went to A Girl’s Guide to Hentai! Which turned out to be MUCH different than I anticipated, but it was hilarious… except for the creepy old guy who kept yelling about yuri and was wearing a shirt which referenced hentai. Eww. The woman running it had a great sense of humor, and was able to talk over the guys who were doing catcalls initially. She told of her first encounter with hentai, courtesy of her then-boyfriend, which resulted in the line, “Look, I’ve got this tape! And it has people having sex on it! AND IT’S ANIMATED!” Her timeline of hentai began with the evolution of the octopus, and included other things like ‘ninjas develop kinky, sexual battle moves’ and ‘internet invented’. Then we watched a few clips from different hentai, although the dubbed one was way funnier than any of the others (“NOOO! Dr. Ogenki has become impotent!”).

I wrapped all this up by almost smacking a bitch:


Before hitting the streets and going home.

To-morrow!: Funi panel, Lolita fashion panel, 5 cm per second, cosplay, and hopefully picking up the Kite/Kite Liberator double-pack.

Oh, and before I go:


Yeah, most awesome cosplay of the day – if you don’t know who Old Greg is, click here (although it has nothing to do with anime, I will warn you).

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